Japanese suppliers in Thailand (2): increasing production capacities

NOK, NTN, JTEKT, Daido Metal, Chuo Spring, NHK Spring, and U-SHIN build new facilities



 This Report outlines the activities by Japanese suppliers in Thailand, including strengthening production capacities and expanding production items for approximately one year until mid-June 2012.

 The large scale flood in the autumn of 2011 had disrupted auto production in Thailand for a time, but production is recovering quickly after the retreat of the flood waters. The Federation of Thai Industries forecasts an increase in auto production to 2.2 million units, up by 51% y/y through 2012, and to 2.43 million units in 2014.

 Japanese suppliers are actively strengthening production capacities of their existing plants to catch up with Japanese OEMs which are increasing production and exports of parts to neighboring countries. The great flood in 2011 did not stop their activities, although some suppliers are building new plants in different places from those where their existing plants are located in Thailand for risk diversification.

 There are a number of suppliers which will start production of new items. Aisin will launch power transfers for 4WD vehicles, Exedy torque converters, KYB pumps for CVTs, T-RAD EGR coolers, PIOLAX metal parts for CVTs, and Fukoku wiper parts.

 Japanese suppliers' trends to build new plants and R&D centers are outlined in "Japanese suppliers in Thailand (1) - new plants and R&D centers."

Thailand production

Monthly Production by Maker/Brand in Thailand

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