CATARC report - January 2017: NEV trends in China

New energy vehicle production exceeds 500,000 units in 2016


Production volumes in China (Summary)

This report is based on a report by Beijing CATARC Automotive Technology Development Company*;
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 2016 was the first year in which the 13th five-year plan and the 3rd policy for the prevalence of new energy vehicles” were in effect. Production volume of new energy vehicles increased by 1.1-fold year-over-year (y/y) to 516,000 units. Sales volume was also 516,000 units. China sustained its position in having produced and sold the most number of new energy vehicles in the world. Looking at production volume of new energy vehicles in 2016 on a monthly basis, average monthly production in the first quarter was sluggish at 15,000 units; however, the average from April to October increased to 40,000 units. Because average monthly production in November and December expanded to 98,000 units, production volume for the full-year in 2016 was raised to 516,000 units.

 Production volume of new energy vehicles in December 2016 increased by 17.1% y/y and by 33.8% month-over-month (m/m) to 112,100 units, marking a record high for monthly production. Looking at production volume of new energy vehicles by vehicle type, production volume of electric vehicles (EVs) exceeded 100,000 units, which accounted for 92.2% of the new energy vehicle production share. Production volume of plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHVs) was approximately 86,000 units. Three types of fuel-cell vehicles (FCVs) -passenger cars, buses, and special-purpose vehicles- were produced, but production volume was less than 100 units.

Fig. 1 Monthly production volume of new energy vehicles (2016)