CATARC report - October 2015: New Energy Vehicle trends in China

Monthly production exceeds 30,000 units, setting new record


Production volumes in China (Summary)

This report is based on a report by Beijing CATARC Automotive Technology Development Company*;
MarkLines has edited and translated the company's report to prepare this report. Click here for a list of CATARC reports.

  Production volume of electrified vehicles in September 2015 in China increased by 33% month-over-month (m/m) and doubled year-over-year (y/y) to 34,980 units (657 electric vehicles [EVs] equipped with lead-acid batteries and 30 mild-hybrid passenger cars were included). Monthly production volume exceeded 30,000 units for the first time. Of the electrified vehicles, production volume of EVs increased to over 70% of the total production share. Of the EVs, production volume of special-purpose EVs increased the most; it increased by 18-fold y/y and approximately doubled m/m.

Fig. 1 Production volume of electrified vehicles (Apr. to Sep. 2015)