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Apr 19, 2024

On April 18, Inmotive announced that it will move into the second phase of the joint development agreement with Suzuki, first executed in January of 2023, to develop an Ingear 2-speed EV transmission for future Suzuki EVs. 

"The first phase of development was a meaningful step for both sides, with significant collaboration and approaches to problem solving making steady progress, and we look forward to working jointly on the next phase of development," said Paul Bottero, CEO, Inmotive.

As the world's most efficient 2-speed transmission designed specifically for EVs,  the Ingear has a compact and simple design that can improve electric vehicle cost, range and efficiency at very low additional cost and weight, while providing continuous torque during smooth shifts.

With its patented geometry, an Ingear can extend EV range by up to 15% and improve acceleration by up to 15%, while ensuring a smooth and quiet ride.

While the initial phase of joint development  highlighted capability of Ingear in EV passenger cars, Suzuki is currently exploring the potential for other applications, including motorcycles, ATVs, and marine applications.

Inmotive is the Toronto, Canada-based inventor of Ingear’s multi-speed powertrain technology that increases torque, acceleration, gradeability and top speed, and is protected with 18 patents issued and 17 patents pending. 

(Inmotive press release on April 18, 2024)

Apr 16, 2024

On April 9, Pak Suzuki Motor Company announced that its corporate data was leaked due to a cyber-attack. Initial investigations suggested that its HR, financials, etc. data has been ported out to public IP.

It has now onboarded a security consultant for detailed forensic assessment and to eliminate potential security threats from the entire infrastructure. 

Detailed findings will be concluded after the completion of the evaluation.

Based on the Pak Suzuki Motor Stock Exchange notification

Apr 15, 2024

In Its annual report, Pak Suzuki announced that it during the year 2023, it established its first equity partnership with a local supplier, Tecno Group, forming a joint venture named Tecno Auto Glass (TAG). This venture marks a milestone in the manufacturing of exclusive automotive glasses in the country. Currently, TAG supplies locally produced automotive glasses to PSMC across various models and has successfully expanded its customer base by serving other major automotive OEMs in the country.

Based on Pak Suzuki Motor Company Limited Annual Report 2023