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Sep 20, 2023

On September 15, Chang’an Automobile Co., Ltd. (Changan Auto) officially launched the 3rd-generation CS55 Plus compact crossover SUV, which is available in three variants, with prices ranging from CNY 99,000 to CNY 113,900.
The 3rd-generation CS55 Plus is equipped with the next-generation Blue Whale NE 1.5T high-pressure direct-injection engine (maximum power 138kW and peak torque 300Nm) and the next-generation Blue Whale 7-speed wet dual-clutch automatic transmission, with a front-engine FWD layout.
The 3rd-generation CS55 Plus comes standard with an electronic shift system and is equipped with such features as a 10-inch color instrument panel, a 10.25- or 12.30-inch center console display screen, an intelligent cockpit interaction system, and cruise control. Some variants are available with such features as a 540-degree HD panoramic image system and a panoramic sunroof, and the highest-spec variant is available with such features as IACC (Integrated Adaptive Cruise Control) and LDW (Lane Departure Warning).
The 3rd-generation CS55 Plus adopts design elements such as a cube-styled grille and integrated high and low beam LED headlights. The vehicle measures 4,539mm long, 1,865mm wide, and 1,680mm high, with a wheelbase of 2,656mm.
From Changan Auto press releases 1/2 and information on the Changan Auto website

Sep 15, 2023

On September 12, Changan Qiyuan announced that it officially started accepting pre-orders for the new A07 mid-to-large-size sedan, which is available in three range-extended and two battery electric variants. Pre-order prices range from CNY 158,000 to CNY 180,000.
Adopting new design aesthetics, the A07 presents a curvaceous body and a fastback styling. The vehicle comes standard with such features as an ultra-wide-angle electric liftback tailgate and a 2.1-square-meter panoramic sunroof, and measures 4,905mm long, 1,910mm wide, and 1,480mm high, with a wheelbase of 2,900mm.
Based on a digital battery electric platform, the A07 comes standard with a transmission with a fixed gear ratio and has a rear-engine RWD layout. The range-extended variants are powered by a 1.5L Atkinson-cycle engine (maximum power 70kW) and a permanent magnet synchronous motor (maximum power 160kW and peak torque 320Nm), mated to a lithium iron phosphate battery, with a CLTC electric-mode range of 200km and a CLTC feeder fuel consumption of
4.5L/100km. The battery electric variants adopt an intelligent intake grille and are powered by a permanent magnet synchronous motor (maximum power 190kW and peak torque 320Nm) and a ternary lithium battery, with a CLTC electric-mode range of 515km.
The A07 comes standard with such features as a 15.4-inch 2.5k ultra-high-definition intelligent display screen, a Level 2 intelligent adaptive cruise control system, and the iBC all-weather battery safety management system. Some variants are available with such features as electric suction doors and an augmented reality head-up display.
From a Changan Qiyuan press release and information on the Changan Qiyuan website

Sep 12, 2023

On September 5, Avatr Technology (Chongqing) Co., Ltd. (Avatr Technology) announced the global debut of the Avatr 12, a new mid-to-large-size electric luxury sedan, at the IAA Mobility 2023. The Avatr 12 is set to begin deliveries in the Chinese market in the fourth quarter.
Adhering to the principle of "Future Elegance" in its overall design philosophy, the Avatr 12 is highly recognizable. It also introduces an innovative hatchback design with no rear window, significantly expanding the trunk space. On the inside, the Avatr 12 boasts a futuristic integrated dashboard design. The cabin follows the "Gentle Tech" minimalist design concept, reducing physical buttons to only essential functions. It measures 5,020mm long, 1,999mm wide and 1,450 high, with a wheelbase of 3,020mm.
The Avatr 12 is the second model built on the next-generation smart EV technology platform “CHN”. It features the Huawei HarmonyOS 4.0 system and the Huawei ADS 2.0 intelligent driving system. In addition, the front windshield features adaptive light-sensing, making it the first coupe with this function. It is equipped with exterior streaming media rearview mirrors and a 35.4-inch 4K panoramic widescreen.
In addition, Avatr Technology is propelling in full swing its overseas strategy and developing a right-hand drive model, and will launch two new models and officially enter the international market in 2024.
From Avatr Technology press releases 1/2/3