Piaggio Group had online international premiere of new Porter NP6, the first city truck  [ Italy ]

On January 26, Piaggio Group announced that at an online international premiere held today, the Piaggio Group (PIA.MI) presented its new range of four-wheel lightweight commercial vehicles: the new Porter NP6, the first city truck, combines compact dimensions with an extraordinary payload and exclusively eco-friendly engines.
Compact dimensions (the cabin is only 1.64 metres wide) and the new CombiFuel petrol/LPG and petrol/methane 1,498 cc Euro 6D Final engines make the Piaggio Porter NP6 the ideal urban work vehicle for last-mile deliveries and short- and medium-range goods transport. The CombiFuel engines are available in two different versions, depending on the required LPG or methane range: Short Range, intended for mainly urban use, and Long Range, for activities that need greater autonomy and loading capacity.
Compared with the previous vehicle, the Piaggio Porter NP6 targets a wider audience, offering a 30% increase in the payload and impressive configuration options.
The Porter NP6 range is extremely complete, versatile and customizable, with hundreds of variants. There are three models, two with a cargo bed (fixed or dumper), and one with a chassis for a wide variety of configurations.
In terms of frame capacity, the rear-axle versions with single wheels support up to 1,275 kg, while the twin-wheel versions exceed 1,600 kg, transporting loads well above their own weight and maintaining a weight on the ground of not more than 2,800 kg.
The new Porter NP6 range is manufactured in Italy, in the Piaggio Group’s Pontedera factory, and distributed in the main European countries through a dedicated network of dealers who specialize in commercial vehicle sale and support services, for maximum customer satisfaction.

(Piaggio Group press release on January 26, 2021)

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