Continental to invest EUR 27 million in Romania  [ Romania ]

Continental announced that it has begun to expand the existing office building in Iasi, Romania. The building is designed for up to 1,700 seats, as well as a full test and validation area for products developed within the company. The planned investment in the new building will be EUR 27 million. The total built area is over 21,000 square meters. The works will be completed by March, 2020. Engineers in Iasi are involved in the development of automotive technologies, such as glazing and hatch control units, navigation and multimedia applications, petrol and diesel engine control units, and inverters used on motor vehicles hybrid or electric. It also works on the world's first vacuumless "one box design" braking system, which enhances the braking efficiency. They also work on designing and building functionalities for autonomous vehicles, smart cars capable of increasing the efficiency, safety and comfort of driving. (From a press release on June 14, 2019)

<Jun 14, 2019>