Model3 (Tesla)

Feb 13, 2024

Tesla has confirmed that it will not be launching a refreshed version of the Model Y in 2024 in North America, after it was reported to begin production later in 2024.

Tesla has sent an email to its delivery advisors instructing them to “communicate transparently” about the fact that there will not be a Model Y refresh in 2024.

Tesla may launch the upgraded Model Y in Europe and Asia first, then in North America, as it recently did with the refreshed Model 3. 

Also in the email message, Tesla introduced temporary Model Y price cuts in North America over the weekend, marking the first time it has adjusted pricing mid-quarter with a specific deadline.

Tesla is offering incentives for those who take delivery by March 31, including a USD 1,000 discount for new purchases from early Cybertruck reservation holders.

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Feb 03, 2024

Tesla North has announced a significant reduction in prices for its Model Y lineup in Canada, with reductions reaching up to CAD 4,000 CAD on the Model Y Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) to CAD 53,990 and Long Range model to CAD 63,990 CAD, while the Performance model’s price remains at CAD 74,290 CAD.

The price adjustment now aligns the Model Y RWD with the Model 3 RWD for the first time, setting both vehicles at CADS 53,990 CAD. 

This pricing strategy becomes more appealing with the inclusion of available rebates. 

In Quebec, up to CAD 7,000 in rebates are accessible, alongside a federal iZEV rebate of CAD 5,000, lowering the purchase price of the Model Y RWD by CAD 12,000 to CAD 41,990 after rebates.

(multiple sources on February 2, 2024)

Feb 03, 2024

On February 1, the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced Tesla is recalling 2,193,869 vehicles, nearly all of the vehicles it has sold in the U.S. to date, because the font used on some instrument panel warning lights is too small.

The recall, which will be remedied with an online software fix, covers the 2012-2023 Model S, the 2016-2024 Model X, the 2017-2023 Model 3, the 2019-2024 Model Y and 2024 Cybertruck.

The agency says that the brake, park and antilock brake warning lights have a smaller font size than required by federal safety standards that can make critical safety information hard to read, increasing the risk of a crash.

NHTSA also said it has upgraded a 2023 investigation into Tesla steering problems to an engineering analysis, a step closer to a recall.

The steering investigation upgrade covers more than 334,000 Tesla vehicles.

The probe was opened in July 2023 after NHTSA received a dozen complaints about loss of steering control in 2023 Model Y and 3 vehicles, but now says it has 115 complaints, and received another 2,176 after requesting information from the company.

NHTSA documents say drivers are reporting loss of steering control, often accompanied by messages showing that power assisted steering has been reduced or disabled.

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