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Feb 08, 2023

On February 1, Targa Telematics announced a partnership with SAP Labs (France) to launch a joint project that accelerates digital transformation as well as the transition to electric vehicles for leasing and rental companies, corporate fleets, and airport services vehicles.  This project aims to support customers in fleet electrification and management.
The solution reduces the company’s environmental impact by evaluating its entire fleet and vehicles that can potentially be replaced by electric models. According to an analysis by Targa Telematics, 70% of vehicles within large fleets could be easily replaced with electric cars.
The solution provides fleet managers with advanced tools to manage and book charging stations with the required power output, automatically setting the correct KWH value to optimize recharging. The project can be completed with a Corporate Car Sharing solution with Keyless access to the latest electric vehicle models, optimizing its power supply via the Open E-Mobility platform.

Based on Targa Telematics press release

Feb 08, 2023

The 32,499 new cars and light commercial vehicles sold in Russia in January 2023 represented a decrease of 63.1% compared to the same month in 2022 according to the Association of European Business (AEB) Automobile Manufacturers Committee on February 6 (For BMW, Mercedes-Benz, smart, Chery, the figures for the month of November have not been announced yet. Due to the unavailability of monthly data for Cadillac and Chevrolet from May 2022 onward).
Among the five largest OEM retailers in Russia in January 2023, Lada sales were down 3.2% to 17,468 units, Haval sales were up 43.1% to 4,535 units, Geely sales were up 87.9% to 3,501 units, GAZ LCV sales were down 31.7% to 1,816 units and Kia sales were down 88.5% to 1,415 units sold
The top 3 models sold in January were the Lada Granta, Lada Niva and Geely Coolray.
(AEB press release from February 6, 2023)

Feb 08, 2023

According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) on February 6, UK passenger car sales increased 14.7% to 131,994 units in January 2023.
January sales for VW increased 46.0% to 12,427 units (9.4% market share), Ford sales increased 22.8% to 9,156 units (6.9% share) while Audi sales increased 5.4% to 9,028 units (6.8% share).
Kia sales decreased 14.2% to 9,014 units (6.8% share) and Toyota sales increased 7.2% to 8,606 units (6.5% share).
The best-selling cars in January 2022 were MG HS (3,481 units), VW T-Roc (3,256 units), Nissan Qashqai (3,121 units), Kia Niro (2,625 units) and Vauxhall Corsa (2,425 units).
Compared to last January, gasoline-engine car sales increased 14.6% to 58,973 units (44.7% share), diesel-engine car sales decreased 12.1% to 5,280 units (4.0% share), EV increased 19.8% to 17,294 units (13.1% share), gasoline MHEV car sales increased 15.7% to 17,243 units (13.1% share), PHEV increased 0.7% to 9,109 units (6.9% share), HEV increased 40.6% to 18,976 units (14.4% share), and diesel MHEV car sales decreased 10.7% to 5,119 units (3.9% share).
In January, private car sales decreased 4.3% to 59,639 units (45.2% share), fleet sales increased 36.8% to 69,540 units (52.7% share), and businesses sales increased 45.6% to 2,815 units (2.1% share).
Sales of all vans to 3.5 tons increased 25.8% to 22,098 units, sales of trucks between 3.5 and 6.0 tons decreased 13.2% to 256 units while sales of taxis increased 128.6% to 144 units in January.
The strong start to the year is mirrored in the latest market outlook, which anticipates 1.79 million new car registrations in 2023, an 11.1% increase on the past year but still well below 2019 levels. This also represents a -0.8% reduction on October’s outlook, against a weak economic backdrop. However, a further 9.3% increase is expected next year, with 1.96 million new cars expected to join the road in 2024.
(SMMT press releases from February 6, 2023) 1 / 2

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