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Apr 12, 2024

On April 11, ZF Friedrichshafen AG (ZF) announced that, together with the development service provider INGgreen GmbH and the Technical University of Dortmund, it has completed the KISSaF (AI-based situation interpretation for automated driving) project.

Started in 2021, the project trains AI to predict the actions of road users. This means that ADAS such as adaptive cruise control or lane change assistants can act more precisely and safely.

To record this real road traffic data, INGgreen and ZF constructed a measuring vehicle equipped with sensor and actuator systems that are already close to series production. 

In addition to camera, radar, and lidar data, the test vehicle also recorded relevant GPS and weather information over a distance of more than 100,000 kilometers. The raw data from the KISSaF project covers almost 800 terabytes.

Algorithms developed by the TU Dortmund to describe the environment prepared the data for further use in the project. The AI ​​specialists from ZF's own AI Lab, the AI ​​technology center in Saarbrücken, trained the artificial intelligence.

The prediction could then be tested in simulation and with recorded real data in the assistance systems already developed by ZF.

The findings of the study are primarily intended to help optimize highly automated driver assistance systems (ADAS) of automation levels 2+ and 3 according to SAE, which can be controlled by central control units and high-performance computers such as the ZF ProAI. 

Based on ZF press release

Apr 12, 2024

On April 11, Renault Group’s subsidiary The Future Is NEUTRAL revealed its reliance on its subsidiaries, Gaia and Boone Comenor Metalimpex, for sourcing secondary primary materials through closed-loop recycling from the automotive industry. While vehicles are 85% recyclable, less than 30% of recycled materials are used in new car production.

Gaia specializes in closed-loop recycling of copper, polypropylene, and platinoids from catalytic converters, while Boone Comenor Metalimpex recovers steel and aluminum scrap for automotive parts. The company emphasizes extending vehicle lifespan through repair and remanufacturing. For electric vehicles, battery repair is a key focus, as a battery can account for up to 40% of an electric car's price and is repairable in 99% of cases according to Gaia's Expert Battery Repair Centre.

Based on Renault press release

Apr 12, 2024

On April 10, Van Hool announced that it had accepted the binding offer submitted by VDL Groep and GRW, a partner company of Schmitz Cargobull, a German manufacturer of semi-trailers, trailers, and truck bodies.

According to the company, the agreements in principle concluded with VDL Groep and GRW were the best outcome, given the circumstances, for all parties involved. However, even after the takeover, Van Hool will still have to let go of many of its employees.

From the start of their mandate, Van Hool intended to enable a restart, safeguard the intrinsic value of the entire company, and maintain employment as much as possible.

Based on Van Hool press release

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