3 Series (BMW)

Apr 23, 2019

On April 16, Brose announced that it will invest more than EUR 300 million in China for new products and new technical equipment within the next 3 years. At Auto Shanghai, Brose will be presenting a 14-way adjustable power seat structure, which was developed in China for the local market. Starting in 2020, Brose will supply this product for certain conventional and new energy vehicles manufactured by a renowned local carmaker.
Brose will showcase the intelligent interaction between its door and seat functions in a near-series concept car. Brose has developed a cross-product modular motor and electronics system with standardized components. It enables the automotive supplier to react to a range of demands and meet a variety of electrical systems architecture requirements ranging from 12 to 810 Volts so they can be used in conventional, hybrid and electric cars alike. 
Brose’s extended lightweight door module made from organo sheet (glass-fabric-reinforced thermoplastics) is large enough to nearly cover the whole interior door metal plate. This reduces the weight of the vehicle by up to 9 kilograms.

Brose press release

Apr 19, 2019

On April 16, BYD made global debuts of the E-SEED GT concept NEV and the all-new e-series vehicles, and showcased products of the Dynasty-series at the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show.
The E-SEED GT super sports car adopts BYD’s “EV Dragon Face” design.
As BYD’s first 5-seat SUV, the global strategic Song Pro is underpinned by the BMP mid-size luxury vehicle platform, leveraging the BNA car manufacturing structure. The vehicle has a wheelbase of 2,712 mm and features a smart cockpit, a DiLink2.0 smart connected system, remote control driving technologies, a level-2 advanced driving assist system (ADAS), and a panoramic holographic transparent imaging system.
For the Dynasty-series, models on display at the show include the next-generation Tang-family, Qin Pro that has undergone testing for level-4 autonomous driving, Song MAX MPV, and the all-new Yuan EV 535.
For the e-series, the automaker showcased the e1, e2, and S2. The e1 mini-size EV was launched on April 12. It is powered by a motor that has an output of 45 kW and up to 110 Nm of torque, mated to a battery with a maximum energy of 34kW/h. It has a maximum speed of 102 km/h and can accelerate from 0 km/h to 50 km/h in 5.9 seconds. The S2 smart electric SUV has an NEDC range of 305 km, which can be extended by 100 km after a 15-minute charge. The SUV comes with a DiLink intelligent connected system.
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Apr 18, 2019

Bridgestone announced that it will supply its tires as original equipment for BMW new X5, 8 Series and 3 series. Bridgestone has specifically developed its tires for each vehicle type, with a process that typically takes more than two years. It is required that to drop rolling resistance to previously unheard of levels, reducing fuel consumption and improving tire lifespan as well as to advance safety, braking, handling and comfort. (From a press release on April 18, 2019)

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