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Autoliv Inc. Klarabergsviadukten 70, Section B7, SE-111 64, Stockholm, Sweden Major Parts Suppliers image
Haldex AB Birger Jarlsgatan 6D 114 34 Stockholm, Sweden Major Parts Suppliers image
AB SKF Sven Wingquist gata 2, , Göteborg , SE-415 50, Sweden Major Parts Suppliers image
Trelleborg AB Johan Kocksgatan 10 P.O. Box 153, Trelleborg Corporate reg no. 556006-3421, 231 22 Sweden Major Parts Suppliers image
Ebm-papst AB (Formerly Ziehl-ebm AB) Aeggelundavagen 2, S-17562 Jarfalla, Sweden image
AB Borggards Bruk Borggardsvagen 1, SE-612 75 Hallestad, Sweden image
AB Borgstena Textile Krolängsvägen 3, 513 97 Borgstena, Sweden image
AB Euroform - Tranås South Verkstadsgatan 10, 573 41 Tranås, Sweden image
AB Linde Machines Hyttevagen 10, SE- 711 31 Lindesberg, Sweden image
ACCONEER AB Scheelevagen 27, 223 63 Lund Sweden image
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Oct 19, 2021

On October 18, Volvo cars announced that it has published its prospectus and announced the price range for its initial public offering (IPO) and listing of its common shares of class B on Nasdaq Stockholm. The first day of trading is expected to be 28 October 2021, under the trading symbol  “VOLCAR B”.
The final price per common share of class B in the Offering is expected to be determined within a range of SEK 53–68 per share, corresponding to a market capitalisation of Volvo Cars of SEK 163–200 billion after completion of the Offering.
The total value of the Offering amounts to approximately SEK 33.75 billion if the Overallotment Option and the Upsize Option are exercised in full, whereof the value of the Overallotment Option amounts to approximately SEK 3.75 billion and the value of the Upsize Option amounts to approximately SEK 5 billion.

(Volvo cars press release)

Oct 11, 2021

On October 7, BreezoMeter announced it now offers car passengers another layer of protection from outdoor pollution, through real-time updates about their exposure to hazardous air quality. The company delivers micro-local environmental intelligence (within 5 meters of the driver) through the vehicle’s HMI (human-machine interface). With the integration of BreezoMeter’s air quality data, drivers of Volvo cars can also monitor the air quality outside of the car. Drivers now have access to the highest accuracy air quality intelligence, not only within the cabin but also outdoors.
BreezoMeter takes into account multiple data sources of air pollution information, including more than 47,000 local sensors worldwide, satellites, governmental authorities, traffic and meteorological data, and more. It then deploys specialized algorithms and machine-learning techniques to assess and report on the air quality in any given location and follows a strict QA process before reporting to the user. Alongside forecast information for both air pollution and pollen, drivers are now able to receive personalized navigation suggestions, for example, drivers are able to choose the cleanest route to their destination based on knowing where there is poor air quality, high pollen levels, and/or fire hazards along the way to their destination.

BreezoMeter press release

Oct 08, 2021

On October 7, Northvolt announced that it is expanding Northvolt Labs in Västerås, Sweden, into a fully integrated ecosystem for catalysing technological advances in the emerging European battery industry.
The new campus will be built out from Northvolt Labs – the existing cell industrialization plant with adjacent testing facilities and the Revolt pilot recycling plant, which will feed recycled raw materials directly into on-site production.
Amounting to a total investment of USD 750 million, the campus will provide customers with access to a toolbox spanning the full-spectrum of value-chain activities relating to lithium-ion battery design, development and lifecycle – from active materials and cell design, through to battery systems and recycling.
The first new facility is already under construction – an R&D centre that will enable the development of novel battery cell materials and products. In parallel, a new 15,000 square meter office is under development to support an increase in headcount from 400 persons today to at least 1,000 persons who will work at Northvolt Labs. Additionally, a new customer centre will be established to serve as a space for partners, start-ups, scale-ups and academia, to meet, collaborate and collectively drive forward European industry players engaged in battery technologies and electrification.
Northvolt press release