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2J Antennas, s.r.o. Stefanikova 61, 085 01, Bardejov, Slovakia image
AAH Plastics s.r.o. Dolné Hony 435/21, Nitra - 94901, Slovakia image
AAH Plastics s.r.o. - Solčany Druzstevná street, Solčany - 95617, Slovakia image
Aalberts Surface Treatment s.r.o. Gemerská 588, 04951 Brzotin-Bak, Slovakia image
Adient Innotec Metal Technologies s.r.o. Zvolenská cesta 2740, 984 01 Lučenec, Slovakia image
Adient- Košťany nad Turcom Košťany nad Turcom 337, 038 41 Slovakia image
Adient Lucenec Mikusovska cesta 5363, Lucenec 98401, Slovakia image
Adient - Zilina Kysucka Cesta 3, Zilina, 01001 Slovakia image
Adler Pelzer Bratislava Tehelňa 16, 841 07, Devínská Nová Ves, Slovakia image
Air International Thermal (Slovakia) s.r.o. Prologis Park Nitra, DC1 Priemyselný Park Nitra Sever, Dolné Hony, Nitra PSC: 94901, Slovakia image
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Feb 05, 2024

On January 31, InoBat announced that Slovak Investment Holding (SIH) has decided on a significant strategic investment in the form of a capital increase in the company.

SIH has joined the investors in the ongoing Series C investment round, intending to support sufficient fundraising for InoBat‘s vision. The funding will help in InoBat’s expansion plans. It will advance the finalization of the existing R&D center and pilot production line for batteries in Voderady (Volta I), with battery production scheduled for the first quarter of this year.

The investment will also expedite the construction of the second project phase (Volta II), located adjacent to the existing InoBat facility in Voderady.

Based on InoBat press release 

Jan 18, 2024

On January 17, Skoda Auto announced the beginning of production of the second generation of the Kodiaq SUV at Kvasiny, Czech Republic.

To prepare for this new model, the Kvasiny plant made an investment of EUR 49 million for modernizing the production line and welding shop. Some of the main arrangements made in the production line are updates to manipulators, chassis assembly, conveyor technologies, and the refinement of robot functions for applying window glue.

This investment also includes arrangements for the manufacturing of the upcoming Kodiaq iV, equipped with a plug-in hybrid powertrain.

The Kvasiny plant has relocated the Superb SUV production to the VW plant in Bratislava, freeing up capacity at Kvasiny to produce an additional 150,000 units annually of the Karoq and Kodiaq SUV models. As a result, the plant is now capable of manufacturing up to 410 Kodiaqs per day.

(Skoda press release on January 17, 2024)

Dec 18, 2023

On December 15, InoBat launched the first battery cell production line in Slovakia in Voderady. The maximum installed capacity of the line equals 50,000 battery cells produced annually. It was tailor-made for InoBat by Wuxi Lead. 

As part of the construction planning and technological provision of production, InoBat collaborated with TAKENAKA, which is also among the leading experts in this field. Pilot production of the first Slovakian batteries in Voderady is scheduled for the Q1 of 2024. 

The production line consists of 35 machines, covering the entire production process from preparing anode and cathode mixtures to final formation and aging, utilizing the latest high-speed layering technology. In the current first phase, the line will be operated by 41 operators from InoBat. 20 of them will work in shifts to ensure 24/7 operation of the battery formation and aging.

Based on InoBat press release