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2J Antennas, s.r.o. Stefanikova 61, 085 01, Bardejov, Slovakia image
Aalberts Surface Treatment s.r.o. Gemerská 588, 04951 Brzotin-Bak, Slovakia image
Adient Innotec Metal Technologies s.r.o. Zvolenská cesta 2740, 984 01 Lučenec, Slovakia image
Adient- Košťany nad Turcom Košťany nad Turcom 337, 038 41 Slovakia image
Adient Lucenec Mikusovska cesta 5363, Lucenec 98401, Slovakia image
Adient - Zilina Kysucka Cesta 3, Zilina, 01001 Slovakia image
Adler Pelzer Bratislava Tehelňa 16, 841 07, Devínská Nová Ves, Slovakia image
AIS Automotive Interior Systems Slovakia sro Chorvatice 108, 935 84 Tupá, Slovakia image
Akebono Brake Slovakia s.r.o. Bratislavska 581, 911 05 Trencin, Slovakia image
Antolin Trnava Trstínska cesta 682/8, 917 01, Trnava, Slovakia image
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Sep 06, 2022

On September 6, InoBat Auto and Cosworth entered a strategic partnership for the supply of InoBat’s battery cells in support of Cosworth’s electrification plans. The partnership will see InoBat utilize its R & D and manufacturing operations to develop state-of-the-art battery cell chemistries and supply fully optimized battery cells to Cosworth for its innovative battery packs in the high-performance automotive market among other sectors, at the heart of the UK’s high-performance technology cluster at Silverstone.
The Cosworth Group brings over six decades of engineering excellence, evolving to meet the exacting needs of its customers through three development streams: propulsion from its Northampton headquarters, battery, and electric vehicle development at Delta, Silverstone, and Electronics in Cambridge.

Based on InoBat press release

Sep 05, 2022

On September 2, Kia announced that the first examples of the new Kia XCeed compact crossover have rolled off its production line in Žilina, Slovakia, kicking off the use of more efficient and sustainable production techniques in the factory. The upgraded production line features 40 new advanced robots in the paint and assembly halls, part of a long-term plan to increase automation, efficiency, and compliance with the latest environmental standards.
Regarding sustainability, Kia’s Slovakian facility uses 100% renewable energy for its operations, while heat and water from the paint shop are recycled across the plant to cut waste. All Kia models at Žilina are manufactured on the same production line, which further aids efficiency and helps it better respond to changing patterns of demand across the different model ranges.
The XCeed’s product enhancements will ensure the model continues to offer an enticing proposition in the popular C-Crossover segment. The new XCeed is available with a choice of highly efficient electrified powertrains, including mild-hybrid (MHEV) and plug-in hybrid (PHEV); the latter providing an electric-only driving range of up to 60km. All variants will be available to order from September 2022 and will start at GBP 22,995 in the UK.

Based on Kia press release

Aug 30, 2022

On August 26, Stellantis Slovakia announced that it has decided to increase the financial evaluation of its employees beyond the scope of the current collective agreement to appreciate the efforts of each employee in an extremely turbulent time, in agreement with the trade union OZ KOVO.  The payment of an extraordinary bonus of EUR 300, an increase in the guaranteed monthly wage, and the introduction of a competence bonus will translate into an increase in the wages of the operators of the Trnava automobile company by an average of EUR 90 per month from the fall of 2022.

Stellantis Slovakia press release