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Inalfa Roof Systems Group B.V. De Amfoor 2, 5807 GW Venray, The Netherlands Major Parts Suppliers image
NXP Semiconductors N.V. High Tech Campus 60, 5656 AG Eindhoven, The Netherlands Major Parts Suppliers image
Aalberts Surface Treatment Deurne B.V. (Formerly Impreglon Surface Technology BV) Vuurijzer 1 5753 SV Deurne, Netherlands image
ABB B.V. (Formerly ABB Electronics) George Hintzenweg 81, 3068 AX, Rotterdam, PO Box 301, 3000 AH, The Netherlands image
Aito BV Teleportboulevard 110, NL-1043, EJ, Amsterdam, The Netherlands image
Akzo Nobel N.V. Christian Neefestraat 2, 1077 WW Amsterdam, Netherlands image
AllPress Metals B.V. Orionstraat 1 Tilburg 5015 BR THE NETHERLANDS image
ALT Technologies bv St. Laurensdreef 40, 3565 AK, Utrecht Netherlands image
Alutech Nederland B.V. Ambachtsweg 6 2222AK Katwijk NETHERLANDS image
Anamet Europe BV Galwin 5, NL-1046 AW, Amsterdam, The Netherlands image
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Sep 17, 2021

On September 16, Sono Motors signed a cooperation agreement for a large-scale vehicle-to-grid (V2G) project in the city of Utrecht, Netherlands, with We Drive Solar. Sono Motors will provide 100 Sion and thereby support the city in its goal of becoming the first metropolitan ecosystem to combine bidirectional charging and car sharing. Sono Motors’ Sion, the world’s first solar electric vehicle (SEV) for the masses, enables V2G use-cases through its 54-kWh battery, unique solar technology, and the bidirectional charging system.
The region of Utrecht is to connect local energy generation via electric vehicles’ smart charging capabilities, the first project of this scale in the world, with 500 bidirectional charging stations available to the public. On top of the energy produced via the integrated solar panels, all Sion will be charged using sustainable energy and will also be able to deliver excess energy back into the grid. The Sion’s discharging power of 11 kW combined with its battery, helps to reduce grid instabilities and the likelihood of blackouts. The 1.1-megawatt peak power provided by the 100 Sion is equivalent to that created by a large PV plant the size of about two football fields.

Sono Motors press release   

Sep 17, 2021

Continental AG's Chinese subsidiary, Continental Holding China Co., Ltd, announced that it has formed strategic alliance with NXP (China) Management Ltd., a Chinese subsidiary of NXP Semiconductors N.V. and GAC R&D Center. They will work together to develop a new generation of connected products. By leveraging the strengths of each company, they will jointly develop globally competitive connected products that are optimized for GAC’s connected vehicles. Based on the localization strategy, NXP and Continental will send their R&D teams to mainland China for this joint development. (From a press release dated September 10, 2021)

Sep 16, 2021

On September 16, Lightyear announced that it has reached the USD 110 million funding milestone with the help of one of the largest international insurers in the Netherlands, Cooperation DELA. This investment aligns with their long-term focus on sustainability. A private investment also came from art collector Joop van Caldenborgh. Lightyear also announced that funding round is still open, both for private and public investments, as it is gearing up for the mass production of a second solar electric vehicle. It plans on going into production with this new mass-market model in 2024.

Lightyear press release