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Supplier Name Address Major Parts Suppliers Reports Country
AKWEL El Jadida Morocco SARL Zone industrielle d'El Jadida, Lot 108 Unnamed Road, El Jadida 24020, Morocco image
AKWEL- Sinfa Cables S.A.R.L. Lot 105، Av. Mohamed Erradi, Casablanca 20260, Morocco image
Antolin Tanger S.A.R.L Zone Franche de Tanger Ilot 21 et 22, 90024, Tanger, Marocco image
Bontaz-Centre Maroc Zone Industrielle D'EI, Jadida 24040, EL Jadida, Morocco image
CIE Maroc Zone Franche d´Exportation De Tanger., Ilot 26 B Lot Nº2, 90100 Tánger, Morocco image
Coficab -Morocco Zone Franche d'exportation de Kenitra, RN 4 Commune Amer Saflia Route Sidi Yahia 14500 Kenitra - Morocco image
Delphi Automotive Systems Maroc SA rte de Rabat km 7, 90000 Tanger, Morocco image
Denso Thermal Systems Morocco S.A.R.L Zone Franche d’exportation de Tanger, Ilot 106, 9000, Morocco image
Eurostyle Systems Melloussa Tanger Automotive City (TAC), Zone Franche, Melloussa Morocco image
Eurostyle Systems Tangier Ilôt 108 - Tanger Free Zone, 90100 Gzenaya Morocco image
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Oct 05, 2021

Trelleborg Group announced that it is expanding geographically by establishing manufacturing operations in Russia, Vietnam, Japan, and Morocco. These will be the Group’s first fully owned production facilities in these countries. The total investment amounts to just under SEK 300 million, allocated over five years. When the facilities are fully operational in 2026, they are expected to have just over 300 employees. Trelleborg Industrial Solutions will begin manufacturing automotive boots in Odawara, southwest of Tokyo, in the first quarter of 2022. In the spring of 2021, automotive boots manufacturing began in Kenitra, Morocco, in response to rising demand. This is the Group’s first production facility on the African continent. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions will begin manufacturing sealing solutions for the large domestic Russian market in the third quarter of 2022. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions will also establish the production of sealing solutions in Vietnam for several market segments. (From a press release dated October 4, 2021)

Sep 03, 2021

On September 2, Minister of Industry, Trade and Green and Digital Economy of Morocco announced that it has signed a new Amendment with the Stellantis Group as part of the implementation of the Industrial Partnership signed in June 2015 under the Effective Presidency of His Majesty King Mohammed VI.The signing of this agreement gives new impetus to the partnership established in 2015. Stellantis thus commits to:
A development of local supplier fabrics with a growth in the volume of purchases in Morocco of EUR 2.5 billion in 2023 with an ambition of 3 billion Euros in 2025;
The creation of around 3,000 senior engineer and technician positions in 2022. These highly qualified positions complement the 2,500 production jobs already created at the Kénitra plant
The development of the breadth and depth of local integration, with increased competitiveness of sourcing in partnership with the Kingdom of Morocco, which will support investment efforts and ensure the supply of competitive carbon-free energy.

(Press release Minister of Industry, Trade and Green and Digital Economy, Morocco)

Aug 13, 2021

On August 12, PPG announced the start-up of a facility in Tangier, Morocco, that will produce automotive sealants for local vehicle production.
The plant, which marks the company’s first automotive coatings production facility in Africa, initially will supply materials for Renault Group’s Dacia brand vehicles that are produced in Tangier and Casablanca.
PPG’s Tangier facility will produce sealants that allow more flexibility in vehicle design and manufacturing. The company is assessing the local production of additional adhesive, sealant and coatings technologies to supply vehicle manufacturers that are expanding production in Morocco.

PPG press release