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Acome Maroc Ilot A - Lot 2, Tanger Free Zone, Tanger 90090, Morocco image
Afrique Câbles Bd, Ahl Loghlam, Route de Tit Mellil, 20630 Casablanca - Morocco image
AKWEL El Jadida Morocco SARL Zone industrielle d'El Jadida, Lot 108 Unnamed Road, El Jadida 24020, Morocco image
AKWEL- Sinfa Cables S.A.R.L. Lot 105، Av. Mohamed Erradi, Casablanca 20260, Morocco image
Antolin Tanger S.A.R.L Zone Franche de Tanger Ilot 21 et 22, 90024, Tanger, Marocco image
A. Raymond Maroc S.A.R.L.A.U. Indusparc M12 & M13, chemin Tertiaire 1015 (boulevard Ahl Laghlam) Sidi Moumen - 20400 CASABLANCA, Morocco image
Bontaz-Centre Maroc Zone Industrielle D'EI, Jadida 24040, EL Jadida, Morocco image
Bostik- Casablanca 8 Rue El Haouza, Casablanca 20850, Morocco image
CIE Maroc Zone Franche d´Exportation De Tanger., Ilot 26 B Lot Nº2, 90100 Tánger, Morocco image
Coficab -Morocco Zone Franche d'exportation de Kenitra, RN 4 Commune Amer Saflia Route Sidi Yahia 14500 Kenitra - Morocco image
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Sep 15, 2022

On September 14, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Morocco, announced that the Renault Group plant in Tangier celebrated its 10th anniversary.
Renault also announced that the Tangier plant will host the production of Mobilize DUO. The introduction of DUO at the Tangier plant will be supported by the investment in a new assembly line with a capacity expandable to 17,000 vehicles per year, which will integrate the process specific to the specificity of an electric vehicle.
Mobilize DUO is a shared mobility solution designed to meet the needs of cities and car-sharing operators. A vehicle for two people, 100% electric, compact, and connected, Mobilize DUO aims to integrate 50% recycled materials in its manufacture and to be recyclable, at the end of its life, at 95%.
This new project reinforces the group's confidence in the Moroccan industrial platform and kicks off the introduction of Moroccan manufacturing electrification technologies announced in June 2021 during the renewal of agreements aimed at consolidating the Renault ecosystem.

Based on the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Morocco press release

Jul 26, 2022

The Ministry of Industry and Trade, Morocco signed an investment agreement with Aptiv PLC (Aptiv). It will enable the completion of the first large-scale automotive wiring project in the Oriental region with an investment of MAD 368 million and the creation of 3,000 direct jobs. The Aptiv group, present in Morocco since 1999, through 5 units, including three in Tangier, one in Kenitra, and one in Meknes, with a total workforce of 15,000 people, has chosen the industrial acceleration zone of Oujda as the destination of implementation of their sixth project. (From a press release dated July 23, 2022)

Jun 16, 2022

On June 15, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Morocco announced that Barid Al-Maghrib is launching the circulation of 225 electric vehicles exclusively dedicated to the modernization and expansion of its mail-parcel distribution network.
Citroën Ami is designed by Stellantis Kénitra especially for Barid Al-Maghrib, following an agreement signed in October 2020. It is suitable for daily distribution activity and have a range of 75 km, with a full charge it operates for 3 hours. Barid Al-Maghrib's electric vehicles will be put into circulation in 42 cities across all regions. 

(The Ministry of Industry and Trade, Morocco press release)