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Supplier Name Address Major Parts Suppliers Reports Country
Acome Maroc Ilot A - Lot 2, Tanger Free Zone, Tanger 90090, Morocco image
Afrique Câbles Bd, Ahl Loghlam, Route de Tit Mellil, 20630 Casablanca - Morocco image
AGC Automotive Morocco Morocco image
AKWEL El Jadida Morocco SARL Zone industrielle d'El Jadida, Lot 108 Unnamed Road, El Jadida 24020, Morocco image
AKWEL- Sinfa Cables S.A.R.L. Lot 105، Av. Mohamed Erradi, Casablanca 20260, Morocco image
Antolin Tanger S.A.R.L Zone Franche de Tanger Ilot 21 et 22, 90024, Tanger, Marocco image
ARaymond Maroc S.A.R.L.A.U. Indusparc M12 & M13, chemin Tertiaire 1015 (boulevard Ahl Laghlam) Sidi Moumen - 20400 CASABLANCA, Morocco image
ATG MAROCCO Tanger Free Zone - TFZ, Iot. 79 C-1/79 C-10, Tanger, Morocco image
Bontaz-Centre Maroc Zone Industrielle D'EI, Jadida 24040, EL Jadida, Morocco image
Bostik- Casablanca 8 Rue El Haouza, Casablanca 20850, Morocco image
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Apr 11, 2024

BTR New Material Group Co., Ltd. (BTR Group) announced the groundbreaking of a lithium-ion battery cathode material project with an annual production capacity of five tons in Tangier Tech City, Morocco.

This project is an important deployment under BTR Group’s global strategy. Upon completion, it will serve a multitude of world-renowned battery companies and provide the global New Energy industry with economical and green battery materials.

(From a BTR Group press release dated April 8, 2024)

Apr 01, 2024

On March 29, the Ministry of Industry and Trade signed an investment agreement with BTR New Materials, a cathode and anode materials manufacturer, worth MAD 3 billion for the construction of the first project for the production of cathodes, which are essential components for electric vehicle batteries.

This pilot project will be situated in the Mohammed VI Tangier-Tech City, in Morocco, with an annual production capacity of 50.000 tons, generating more than 2,500 new jobs. The pilot project is an important milestone for making Morocco, a regional hub for the electric vehicle battery industry, with the ability to attract international investment in the field.

Based on the Ministry of Industry and Trade social media updates 

BTR press release

Mar 29, 2024

On March 24, multiple sources reported that Morocco announced the establishment of its first industrial zone for electric vehicle battery production.

The 283-hectare industrial zone will receive three initial investments totaling USD 2.3 billion and will generate 4,000 job opportunities. The initial investments include a joint venture between Chinese firm CNGR and Moroccan-based African private investment fund Al Mada.

The EV battery industrial zone will be located 100 kilometers south of Casablanca near the OCP Group Industrial Park, encompassing activities, including mining, mechanical, electrical, electronics, and automotive industries, further boosting Morocco’s industrial landscape.

Based on multiple sources