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Apr 23, 2024

On April 17, Toyota announced it is conducting a safety recall involving 2023-2024 model year Prius, Prius HEV (Prius Prime) vehicles in Japan, North America, Europe and Asia. 

Water can enter and short circuit the electronic rear door latches in the involved vehicles, enabling them to open while the vehicle is moving or in a crash, thereby increasing the risk of injury to occupants.

Approximately 211,000 vehicles are involved in this recall in total, with approximately 130,000 in Japan and 55,000 in the U.S.

The affected vehicles have an electric rear door lock system with components manufactured by Tokai Rika Co., Ltd.

For vehicles involved, Toyota dealers will replace both right and left rear door opener switches with improved ones, free of charge.

Until the remedy is available, to help prevent the door opening if a short circuit occurs, customers in the U.S and Canada will be asked to ensure that the feature automatically locks the doors when shifting from Park is activated.

Customers will be notified about this issue through the mail by early June 2024.

(Toyota USA release on April 17, 2024)

Apr 22, 2024

On April 22, ROHM and STMicroelectronics announced the expansion of the existing multi-year, long-term 150mm silicon carbide (SiC) substrate wafers supply agreement with SiCrystal, a ROHM group company. The new multi-year agreement governs the supply of larger volumes of SiC substrate wafers manufactured in Nuremberg, Germany, for a minimum expected value of USD 230 million.

STMicroelectronics stated that this agreement will support its device manufacturing capacity ramp-up for automotive and industrial customers worldwide. By facilitating more efficient energy generation, distribution, and storage, SiC supports the transition to cleaner mobility solutions, lower emissions industrial processes, and a greener energy future, as well as more reliable power supplies for resource-intensive infrastructure.

Based on STMicroelectronics press release 

Apr 19, 2024

ArcelorMittal announced the extension of its ArcelorMittal Multi Part Integration (MPI) steel solution to Japan. This expansion comes as a result of a strategic collaboration with G-Tekt, culminating in the signing of a partial ablation license agreement.

MPI represents a sustainable steel solution designed to simplify vehicle design and production. Specifically tailored for the manufacturing of body-in-white (BIW) structures, MPI streamlines production, reduces assembly complexity, saves weight, and shortens lead times, particularly beneficial for electric vehicles. At the core of ArcelorMittal's MPI process lies partial ablation, a patented technology essential for preparing hot stamping sheets for laser welding. 

G-TEKT CORPORATION has decided to launch the development of large integrated body structure products by using AM-patented Ablation technology and laser welding technology. (Based on ArcelorMittal press release dated April 19, 2024)