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Supplier Name Address Major Parts Suppliers Reports Country
ACI Pars Robat Machin St., Baharestan Industial Pole, Karaj Tehran, 91775, Iran image
Akhshan Mfg. & Ind. Co. Mirzaye Shiraz Blvd., First of Akbar Abad Ring way, Shiraz, Fars 7196887674, Iran image
Avrand Pishro Bldg. No. 8, Taheri Ave. , North africa Blvd., Tehran, Iran image
Ayegh Khodro Toos Co. Seventh 4 St., North Talash Blv., Toos Industrial Zone, Mashad, Iran image
Azin Khodro Co. Alborz Province, Karaj, Payam Rd, Iran image
Azin Taneh Mfg. Co. No. 6, Second St, 49th Ave, 14th Km, Karaj Makhsoos Rd, Tehran, Iran image
Behran Motor Company (Formerly Saipa Piston Co.) Tehran, Iran image
Cable Varan Manufacturing & Industrial Co. No. 61, Unit 7, between Biston and Chehel Soton, Fathi Shaghaghi St., Valiasr St.Tehran, Iran image
Charkheshgar Co. West Industrial Zone, Tabriz, Iran image
Crouse Co. No.253, 11th Km. Of Karaj Makhsoos Road, Tehran 13998-13411, Iran image
Sep 13, 2022

On September 13, Iran Khodro Industrial Group announced that it has exported its first shipment of products consisting of Eight Tara and Dena Automat vehicles along with the spare parts required for after-sales service for the Armenian market. Iran Khodro recently concluded a contract for the distribution of Iran Khodro products in Armenia.   In addition to passenger products, the export of Arisan 2 vans and other capabilities of Iran Khodro Industrial Group in collections such as Isaco and Iran Khodro Diesel are also export targets to Armenia and other export markets.

Based on Iran Khodro press release

Sep 05, 2022

On September 2, Iran Khodro announced that it will start mass production of the Haima 8S in October 2022. The prototypes of the product have been produced and by the end of the year, the production of five thousand units is targeted.
7X is another product of Iran Khodro Khorasan, which will be introduced and trial production will begin in February 2023. Referring to the annual production capacity of more than 150,000 cars in Iran Khodro Khorasan, nearly 85% of this year's production plans have been realized. Another goal that will be realized in February is to increase the production of Iran Khodro SUVs, which will reach the daily production capacity of 220 vehicles.

(Iran Khodro press release on September 2, 2022)

Aug 30, 2022

On August 26, Iran Khodro signed a memorandum of cooperation with Optimatech Company from Minsk, Belarus for the annual export of 1,500 tons of casting parts. The beginning of this cooperation will be with the supply of two parts and gradually the number of parts will increase. The number of orders at the beginning of the work will be 125 tons per month, which will gradually reach 1500 tons annually. The parts are related to the cars supplied to the Russian market.

Iran Khodro press release