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PKC Group Oyj Bulevardi 21, FI-00180 Helsinki, Finland Major Parts Suppliers image
Ahlstrom-Munksjö Oyj Alvar Aallon katu 3 C P.O. Box 329 FI-00101 Helsinki, Finland image
BHTC Finland Oy Insinöörinkatu 41, 33720 Tampere, Finland image
Bosch Rexroth Oy Ansatie 6b 01740 Vantaa, Finland image
Canatu Oy Tiilenlyöjänkuja 9A, FI-01720 Vantaa, Finland image
Coreplast Laitila Oy Kaivolantie 7, FI-23801 Laitila, Finland image
Dinex Ecocat Oy Vihtavuorentie 162, P.O.Box 20, FI-41331 VIHTAVUORI, FINLAND image
Elcogen OY Niittyvillankuja 4, Vantaa 01510, Finland image
Elektrobit Automotive Finland Elektroniikkatie 13, 90590 Oulu, Finland image
Enics Raahe Oy (Formerly PKC Electronics Oy) Pajuniityntie 43 FI-92120 Raahe, Finland image
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Sep 14, 2021

On September 14, Valmet Automotive inaugurated the Uusikaupunki, Finland battery plant. It also marks the start of production of high-voltage automotive battery modules and battery packs in the new plant. The new plant is a significant investment by Valmet Automotive in the EV systems business with EUR 120 million.
By 2024, around 500 people will be working at the Uusikaupunki battery plant.
The new plant is in the same building with the Uusikaupunki car plant. The plant extension with battery production is an essential part of the long-term strategic plan to develop the Uusikaupunki plant. The Uusikaupunki battery plant will be further extended, running with four battery production lines in 2024.
Valmet Automotive now operates two plants for large-scale battery production with Salo and Uusikaupunki sites in Finland, a third battery plant will be opened in Kirchardt, Germany in 2022.
Valmet press release

Sep 14, 2021

On September 7, Rightware introduced Kanzi One, the first and only automotive HMI toolchain to be fully compatible with Android at IAA Mobility 2021. Delivering industry-leading 3D graphics, Kanzi One empowers automakers to create the ultimate user interface (UI) for the advanced intelligent automotive cockpit. It lets manufacturers create future-looking user experiences for advanced HMIs in less than half the time and with significantly less coding compared with traditional methods.
Kanzi One includes everything needed for modern HMI development: the core Kanzi framework—Kanzi Studio and Kanzi Engine—and feature packs including Kanzi Connect, Kanzi Maps, Kanzi Particles, and Kanzi Autostereoscopy. A new feature pack introduced with this release is Kanzi VR, enabling holistic automotive user experience (UX) design.Kanzi One introduces native support for Java as well as seamless composition between Kanzi Studio and Android Studio. Kanzi One introduces new activity functionality with improved UI state management and resource handling to streamline development. Large HMI projects can be split into many small, manageable UI parts, allowing larger teams to collaborate effectively. The Kanzi One public beta program starts on September 15. 

Rightware press release

Sep 10, 2021

On September 9, Sensible 4 and Swiss Transit Lab started a new, long-term pilot in Switzerland with an electric Level 4 autonomous shuttle bus. The first demonstration of the software and vehicle performance is happening already these days in Schaffhausen.
The vehicle will be part of the public transportation for around two years to come. In the future, the shuttle bus will be driving as a last-mile transportation service between the newly developed city district and former industry zone Stahlgiesserei and Schaffhausen train station.
With the upcoming Schaffhausen pilot, also complementary systems and services are being developed. Sensible 4 self-driving vehicles have already been driving in all Nordic seasons, in public transportation projects.  
Also in Finland Sensible 4 will begin a new pilot, as a part of the EU-funded SHOW project, at Tampere early next year, where autonomous vehicles are being used as a last-mile solution supporting the new tram line.
Sensible 4 press release