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Adient - Garin Ruta Panamericana Km 38.500 - Ramal Campana, Colectora Oeste, B1619IAE, Garin, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina image
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Amp S.A. Saavedra 2950, 1617 - El Talar De Pacheco Provincia De Buenos Aires, Argentina image
Argelite S.A. Av. R. Balbin 3646, 1650, San Martin, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina image
Autoliv Argentina S.A. Ruta 8 Km. 60 - Calle 7 y Del Canal - Parque Industrial Pilar, 1629, Pilar, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina image
Autoneum Argentina S.A. Av. O'Higgins 4085, Cordoba 5014, Argentina image
Balluff Argentina S.R.L. Echeverria 1050, 1st UF 2, 1604 Buenos Aires, Florida Oeste, Argentina image
Basso S.A. Ruta Provincial No. 70 Y M.Oliber, Rafaela, Santa Fe, Argentina image
Bertrand Faure Argentina S.A. Ruta 197 2999,EL Talar de Pacheco - (1617) - Gran Buenos Aires, Argentina image
Bosal Argentina S.A. Ruta Nacional 9, Km. 572, Jesus Maria, Cordoba Argentina image
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Apr 13, 2019

On April 12, Ford Argentina announced an exclusive pre-sale of the Ranger Raptor, beginning in April, for customers wanting to take delivery in September.
The Ranger Raptor has an exclusive reinforced chassis, designed by Ford Performance, to optimize high-speed off-road driving and withstand the most challenging roads.
The Ranger Raptor is produced at the Ford Thailand Manufacturing plant in Rayong, which is the exclusive manufacturing center for this model of the Ford Performance Team.
With the addition of the Ranger Raptor, Ford Argentina will offer in 2019 the most complete line of pickups in the country, including the recently announced F-150 and F-150 Raptor, and the regular-duty Ranger built in Pacheco.

(Ford press release on April 12, 2019)

Apr 06, 2019

On April 4, Argentina’s Association of Automobile Manufacturers (ADEFA) announced that wholesale sales of 33,708 vehicles in March were up 10.9% from February’s sales, but down 57.6% from March 2018.
Of those vehicles sold in March, 24,155 were passenger cars, 60.5% less than last March, and 9,553 were commercial vehicles, 47.9% less than March 2018.
Argentina’s production of 29,227 vehicles in March was 10.5% less than in February, and 41.1% less than in March 2018.
Of those vehicles produced in March, 11,233 were passenger cars, 56.6% less than last March, and 17,994 were commercial vehicles, 24.2% less than in March 2018.
In March, 21,085 vehicles were exported, 8.5% more than in February, but 23.9% less than March 2018.
Of those vehicles exported in March, 6,457 were passenger cars, 49.6% less than last year, and 14,628 were commercial vehicles, 1.8% less than in March 2018.
In the first three months of 2019, Brazil received 65.8% of Argentina’s exports, Central American countries received 8.1%, Peru received 7.1%, Chile received 5.1%, Colombia received 4.5%, Paraguay received 1.9%, Mexico received 1.9%, and Ecuador received 1.1%.
(ADEFA press release on April 4, 2019)

Mar 27, 2019

On March 25, Volkswagen Argentina announced that throughout 2019 it will suspend 400 workers per month, approximately 10% of the workforce, in a rotating schedule as it prepares the General Pacheco plant for the launch of Tarek SUV.
Until Tarek production begins, the General Pacheco plant will build only the Amarok pickup.
The Tarek is a larger SUV than the T-Cross and smaller than the Tiguan, and will be the first model to be made in Argentina on the MQB-A platform.
The model is already made in China, where it is called Tharu.
According to Volkswagen's plans, the Tarek will also be produced in Mexico and South Africa.
The Tarek was developed for emerging markets, as the company is currently selling the similar segment T-Roc in Europe.
Tarek's production in Argentina is expected to begin later in 2019, with market launch slated for early 2020.
(Fenabrave release on March 25, 2019)