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Acumuladores Moura SA - Argentina Plant Calle 3, N°1188 y Calle del Canal – Parque Industrial de Pilar. Código Postal 1629, Buenos Aires, Argentina image
Adient - Garin Ruta Panamericana Kilometro 38,5, Garin, Buenos Aires 1619 Argentina image
Adler Pelzer Pilar Parque Industrial Pilar, Ruta 8, km 60, Calle 20, 494, 1629 Buenos Aires, Argentina image
Aethra Sistemas Automotivos Argentina S.A. Colonia Impira 2690, Barrio Santa Isabel, Córdoba X5017LVV, Argentina image
Akwel Cordoba Argentina S.A. (Formerly Mgi Coutier Argentina S.A.) Lote 22 - Parque Industrial Ferreyra, X5925 Xad Cordoba, Argentina image
Albano Cozzuol S.A. (Formerly Industria Del Plastico Y Metalurgica Albano Cozzuol S.A.) Camino Centenario esquina Calle 518, 1900, La Plata, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina image
Allevard Rejna Argentina S.A. (Formerly Liggett Argentina S.A.) Miguel de Mojica 2200 - Bo Marques de Sobremonte, 5008, Cordoba, Provincia de Cordoba, Argentina image
Autoneum Argentina S.A. Av. O'Higgins 4085, Cordoba 5014, Argentina image
Balluff Argentina S.R.L. Av del Libertador 650 Piso 7 Sur, B1638BES - Vicente Lopez, Buenos Aires, Argentina image
BASF Argentina S.A. - Tortuguitas Plant Av. Contituyentes 1758, Tortuguitas, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina image
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Sep 15, 2022

On September 14, Togg announced that, for the winter test of its upcoming electric vehicle, it went to the accredited test center in Ushuaia, Argentina; the closest point to the South Pole with Turkish Cargo. It will check the vehicle in tough conditions like snow, winter, and mud.

Based on Togg social media updates

Sep 08, 2022

On September 7, Argentina’s Association of Automobile Manufacturers (ADEFA) announced that wholesale sales of 29,171 vehicles in August were down 21.0% from July sales, but up 20.8% from one year ago in August 2021.
Of those vehicles sold in August, 20,155 were passenger cars, 19.6% more than last August, and 9,016 were commercial vehicles, 2.1% less than last August.
Argentina’s production of 54,057 units in August was up 22.8% from July, and up 40.9% from August 2021.
Of those vehicles produced in August, 26,072 were passenger cars, 58.1% more than last August, and 27,985 were commercial vehicles, 28.0% more than in August 2021.
In August, 32,479 vehicles were exported, 41.6% more than in July, and 30.2% more than August 2021.
Of those vehicles exported in August, 14,906 were passenger cars, 69.8% more than last year, and 17,573 were commercial vehicles, 8.8% more than in August 2021.
For the first eight months of 2022, Brazil received 63.1% of Argentina’s exports, Central American countries received 11.4%, Peru received 5.3%, Chile received 5.3%, Colombia received 4.9%, Mexico received 2.4%, Oceania received 2.0%, Paraguay received 1.6%, and Uruguay received 1.4%.

(ADEFA press release on September 7, 2022)

Sep 07, 2022

On August 31, BAIC Argentina began advertising its BJ40 SUV through a "Great adventures are yet to come" campaign on social media.
The classic style 4x4 SUV will be imported to Argentina by the Belcastro Group.
Configuration and equipment of the BJ40 will be confirmed at the time of its launch in the country.
Depending on the market, the BJ40 is offered with a 2.3-liter turbo gasoline engine that generates 228 to 247 hp and 350 Nm of torque in the Plus version with a six-speed Aisin automatic transmission.
BAIC currently markets in Argentina the X35 B-segment SUV and X55 Honor C-segment SUV.
(multiple sources on August 31, 2022)