Die Casting

Apr 18, 2024

On April 18, Endurance Technologies Limited announced that it has evaluated and approved capacity addition for aluminum die casting and machining of automotive components. The new high-end technology machines shall be installed primarily for the machined clutch housing and transmission housing for four-wheelers at its existing manufacturing facilities situated at plot nos. B-1/2 and B-1/3 at Chakan, Dist. Pune.

It has a capacity of 584,000 casting parts per month, running at 90% utilization. It has proposed a capacity addition of 8,300 casting parts per month and is expected to be completed in stages from October 2024 to June 2025 with an investment of INR 631 million.

Based on Endurance Technologies' stock exchange notification

Apr 16, 2024

On April 12, Honda announced it is making progress in establishing the Honda EV Hub in Ohio as it works toward the start of EV production in late 2025, including preparation for vehicle production and in-house assembly of the Intelligent Power Unit (IPU), which houses the EV battery and serves as part of the vehicle platform.

Honda has committed to investing at least USD 700 million to transform its Marysville Auto Plant (MAP), East Liberty Auto Plant (ELP) and Anna Engine Plant (AEP) to lead the start of EV production in North America.

Honda Marysville Auto Plant:
•    Key changes at MAP include both the startup of EV production and sub-assembly of the IPU.
•    Line consolidation: MAP recently consolidated its two production lines, tearing out much of line two to enable production of both EVs and ICE vehicles on the same line. The additional space will be used to improve the ease of movement and efficiency of lineside parts delivery, as well as expansion of the Vehicle Quality area to verify software-dependent vehicle functions.
•    IPU sub-assembly: MAP also renovated a material consolidation area to create a new workspace where 300 associates will sub-assemble the IPU that houses the EV battery module and its controlling hardware and software. MAP will supply IPUs for EV production at both the Marysville and East Liberty Auto Plants.

Honda Anna Engine Plant:
•    AEP will now build the IPU case that will contain the EV battery module and serve as the main frame structure for the floor of Honda and Acura EVs.
•    High-pressure die casting: AEP is preparing to install six, 6,000-ton high-pressure die cast machines that will mega cast the IPU case. 
•    Friction Stir Welding: the IPU case is much larger than anything Honda has die cast before. It will be die-cast in two pieces and welded together seamlessly using Friction Stir Welding.
•    To create space for production of the IPU case, in 2023, AEP transferred production of engine components for two different generations of engines to the Alabama Auto Plant (AAP).

Honda East Liberty Auto Plant:
•    ELP will be producing EVs, but with a single production line built to accommodate the heavier weight of battery-electric vehicles.
•    ELP will be strengthening overhead conveyors that carry vehicles through the plant and is expanding the paint department.
•    Similar to MAP, the Vehicle Quality area at ELP is being expanded to verify software-dependent vehicle functions.

Joint Venture EV Battery Plant:
•    Construction progress continues at L-H Battery Company, Inc., the more than two-million-square-foot joint venture EV battery facility near Jeffersonville, Ohio.
•    The facility is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2024, with an annual capacity of approximately 40 GWh.
•    Honda and LG Energy Solution have committed to invest USD 3.5 billion in the new JV facility, with the overall investment projected to reach USD 4.4 billion. 

(Honda release on April 12, 2024)

Apr 01, 2024

On March 28, Handtmann Metallgusswerk GmbH & Co. KG  announced that its Light Metal Casting division has received a new order from a major German OEM in the area of structural parts for the Biberach production site.

This contract makes Handtmann the first TIER 1 in Europe to produce a one-piece casting in this component dimension.  With dimensions of around 125 x 125 cm and a very thin wall thickness, this is another showcase project for the integration of functions in a large, one-piece die-cast solution.

Due to the one-piece design, a maximum reduction of assembly steps could be achieved and, in this context, complex post-processing such as welding and milling could be avoided.  The end product will be used in an all-electric luxury-class SUV. The new order includes the production of raw parts. Series production is scheduled to start in 2027 with a term of 9 years. The first parts will be cast on the newly installed megacasting machine as early as the end of 2024.

Based on Handtmann press release