Die Casting

Apr 08, 2019

Sanko Die-casting (Thailand) PCL., the producer of auto and electronic parts from molded aluminum and zinc materials, using high pressure die casting (HPDC), revealed that the company recently received the orders worth over THB 100 million in total from 2 new customers. Also, the company at present, has backlog worth approximately THB 100 million, expected to be delivered to the customers by the end of 2019.
For 2019, Sanko targets THB 600 million revenue after seeing THB 546.56 million in 2018. Of total 2019 revenue, 90% is expected from local customers and other 10% from overseas.
Sanko believes that the local automotive industry, which continues to show positive growth will lead to the increase of its aluminum auto parts sales as well. 80% of Sanko’s sales is from automotive segment, while electronic and other segments contribute 20%.
(From an article of Thun Hoon on April 5, 2019)

Apr 01, 2019

U.S.-based diesel engine manufacturer Cummins is in talks with suppliers from Brazil, India and China to bring more manufacturing operations to Mexico to meet the new regional content criteria of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada (USMCA) trade agreement. Cummins revealed to local media that those three countries supply the majority of components that come from outside the North American region. The company also says that although Canada and the U.S. seek to attract these new investments, Mexico is the most viable option. Cummins imports machined forgings, crankshafts, castings, cylinders, and other parts into Mexico from Brazil, while components imported from China and India include steering wheel covers, pistons and rings, among others. (Mexico-Now article on April 1, 2019)

Mar 21, 2019

Rane Group announced that the board of directors of the Company has approved enhancement in investments up to USD 20 million in Rane Precision Die Casting Inc., USA (RPDC), step down subsidiary, through Rane (Madras) International Holdings B V, The Netherlands (RMIH), wholly owned subsidiary of the Company, over the next five years. Rane Precision Die Casting, based in Russellville, Kentucky, is a leading supplier of high-quality, lightweight aluminum die castings to the North American automotive market. (From Rane Group stock exchange filing on March 21, 2019)