Apr 01, 2019

On March 22, 2019, Indonesia Industry Minister revealed that PT Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN) has appointed Batur Jaya Industrial Cooperative (KBJ) to become its cylinder sleeve supplier, representing TMMIN’s great support in strengthening and advancing automotive Small and Medium Industries (SMIs) in Indonesia.
Since January 2019, KBJ has produced 200 cylinder sleeves (parts of piston rings) per month and sent them to PT TPR Indonesia as PT TMMIN's second tier supplier. This success cannot be separated from the support of various parties, including PT TMMIN who provided assistance to KBJ. TMMIN also donated 5 production machines in the form of spectrometer machines, core making, molding, small NC milling, and small milling 2 to KBJ.
The Minister of Industry also added that this partnership was also a strategic step to revitalize production facilities at KBJ. Since KBJ has been included in Toyota ecosystem, its production system must be enhanced in order to keep up with large-scale manufacturing demand properly and correctly.

(From Toyota Indonesia press release on March 25 and Gaikindo press release on March 26, 2019)

Mar 22, 2019

On March 20, Metal Powder Products (MPP), a global provider of custom-engineered powder metallurgy product solutions, announced plans to move a manufacturing division from Solon, Ohio, to expand its operations in Noblesville, Indiana, by 2020.
MMP will invest USD 1.5 million to equip and repurpose its 60,000-square-foot facility in Noblesville to significantly increase its production capacity and accommodate the new division, metal injection molding (MIM) manufacturing.
With the investment, MPP will dedicate 40,000 square feet to manufacturing while the remaining 20,000 square feet will be equipped to serve as office space and support R&D capabilities.
Founded in 1948, MPP is a leader in the innovation of material formulation, sintering, densification and powder metallurgy joining techniques and specializes in the production of engineered components using powder metallurgy (PM) and MIM techniques for automotive, hydraulic, medical and mechanical applications.
The company’s eight production facilities in the U.S. and China specialize in the production of various components, including custom-engineered gears and sprockets, complex structural parts, high strength aluminum parts and components requiring unique mechanical and physical properties.

(Indiana Economic Development Corp. release on March 20, 2019)

Mar 15, 2019

On March 14, SABIC announced at JEC World 2019 a new, cutting-edge technology for producing lightweight, cost-effective and recyclable vehicle panels using its UDMAX Tape, a unidirectional, fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite.  
This innovative technology, which is designed to replace traditional panels made of metal and thermoset materials for interior and exterior automotive applications, will soon be commercialized in light of commercial vehicles (LCV) produced in large scale for the global automotive market. 
Vehicle panels made with UDMAX tape combine strength and impact resistance with light weight, which can result in mass 50%. They are produced using a highly efficient, one-shot process of lamination and low-pressure molding. 

SABIC press release