Japanese suppliers in ASEAN countries (1) - Thailand

More aggressive on new factories and production to respond to increasing production of finished vehi



 This Report outlines recent activities by Japanese parts suppliers in Thailand for about one year up to middle of June 2011.

 In Thailand, Nissan and Honda started production under the Eco-Car project promoted by the Thai government in March 2010 and March 2011, respectively. Suzuki and Mitsubishi are building new factories, which will go on stream in 2012. Since Toyota was also approved to participate in the Eco-Car Project, it is considering a production plan in Thailand. Apart from the Eco-Car Project, Ford will build a new passenger car plant, which will start operations in 2012.

 In addition to the trends of these OEMs, Thailand attracts Japanese parts suppliers as a key export center to export parts to neighboring countries, and thus, they have become more active in building new factories, strengthening production capacities and expanding production items there. Many suppliers have resumed the plans, which were on hold due to the financial crunch. As such, Japanese suppliers have been on the move in Thailand.

 Recent activities by Japanese parts suppliers in other ASEAN countries (Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and others) except Thailand are reported in "Japanese suppliers in ASEAN countries (2)" posted on July 13, 2011.

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