Yazaki Corporation

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W Building, 7th floor, 8-15, Konan 1-Chome, Minato Ward, Tokyo, 108-0075, Japan

Business Overview

-One of the world's largest suppliers of automotive wiring harnesses.
-The Company is a manufacturer of automotive parts, electric wiring, gas devices, and climate control equipment and machinery.

-The Company's automotive division is organized under the following structure.

Company Name Business
The Company Sales and administration for automakers, research and development of advanced technologies.
Yazaki Meter Co., Ltd. Development, design and manufacturing of measuring devices and meter cables for automobile.
Yazaki Parts Co., Ltd. Development, design and manufacturing of automotive components such as wire harnesses and connectors, etc.


Wire harnesses
-Wire harnesses
-Noise filters
-Junction boxes
-Battery cables
-In-vehicle network systems
-High voltage power distribution systems

Electronic components
-Lithium-ion battery voltage monitoring units
-Current sensors
-Power supply distribution boxes

-Steering column-interlocked meters
-Sporty meters
-EL panel meters
-Liquid crystal panel meters
-Instruments & Heads-up displays

In-vehicle safety & service systems
-Digital tachographs
-Drive recorders
-Telematics services
-Load indicators

Charge couplers


May 1929 Sadami Yazaki initiates sales of automotive electric wire.
Jul. 1938 Yazaki Densen Eigyo-bu established. Capital: JPY 100,000.
Mar. 1939 Tokyo automotive electric wire factory opened.
Oct. 1941 Yazaki Densen Kogyo K.K. established. Capital increased to JPY 280,000 by absorption Densen Eigyo-bu.
Oct. 1943 Established Washizu plant (Washizu-cho, Hamana-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture) to manufacture wiring harnesses.
Sep. 1945 Started production of Electric cables for general use. (4 types)
Jul. 1948 Shimada Factory established.
May 1949 Vinyl electrical wire production begun at Shimada Factory.
Aug. 1950 Nihon Jidosha Keiki K.K. (now Yazaki Meter Co., Ltd.) established. (Capital: JPY 2,000,000).
June 1951 Numazu copper-smelting factory opened.
Dec. 1957 First "Thomas" furnace introduced into Japan.
Apr. 1958 Numazu factory expansion completed; Yazaki Health Insurance Association formed.
June 1959 Yazaki Parts Co., Ltd. established. (Capital: JPY 20,000,000).
Dec. 1959 Production of automobile wiring begun at Yazaki Parts Co., Ltd. Tenryu Factory.
Mar. 1960 Yazaki Meter Co., Ltd. production at Shimada Factory begun. Yazaki Parts Co., Ltd. Gotemda Factory established.
May 1960 Shimada Factory established for production of automotive components.
Dec. 1960 Tokyo factory established for production of automotive instruments.
Apr. 1962 Yazaki Parts Co., Ltd. Ohama Factory established.
Jul. 1963 Adopted the current company name, Yazaki Corp. Spun-off its production division and established Yazaki Wire Co., Ltd., which was capitalized at JPY 50 million.
Dec. 1963 Established a new subsidiary, Thai Arrow Products Co., Ltd., in Thailand. (Paid-in capital of THB 2.5 million)
Jun. 1964 Yazaki Resources Co., Ltd. established. (Capital: JPY 10,000,000); Yazaki Transportation Co., Ltd. (now Syo transportation Co., Ltd.) established (Capital: JPY 10,000,000).
Jan. 1965 Yazaki Mechanical Works Co., Ltd. established. (Capital: JPY 10,000,000); production of the V2 model gas meter begun.
Apr. 1965 Liaison Offices in Los Angeles and Melbourne opened.
Nov. 1966 Liaison Office in Basil, Switzerland opened.
Dec. 1966 American Yazaki Corporation established in Chicago, Illinois.
May 1968 Aluminum wire product line established, Numazu Center opened.
Jun. 1970 Taiwan Yazaki Corporation established.
Jul. 1971 Established Yazaki Resources Co., Ltd. Fuji Factory in Gotemba City, Shizuoka Prefecture.
May 1973 Yazaki Australia Proprietary Ltd. (now Australian Arrow Ply. Ltd.) established.
May 1973 Yazaki Parts Co., Ltd. Tochigi Factory established.
Sep. 1973 Yazaki-Torres Manufacturing, Inc. established in the Philippines.
Dec. 1973 Transferred the operations of Yazaki Resources Co., Ltd. Fuji Factory to Yazaki Electric Wire Co., Ltd.
Apr. 1980 Yazaki United Kingdom Ltd. established. YAZAC System marketed.
Jan. 1982 VDO Instruments Australia Ply., Ltd. established.
Jun. 1982 Yazaki Technical Center (YTC) opened.
Jul. 1982 Autopartes y Arneses de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. established.
Mar. 1986 Transferred American Yazaki Corporation to Canton City, Michigan. A new Engineering Center was established within the site.
Jun. 1986 Established Y and V, which is a joint venture with VDO of Germany. The new entity was capitalized at JPY 150 million, with Yazaki injecting a 60% of the share.
Aug. 1986 Yazaki Saltano de Portugal Components Electricos para Automoveis, L.D.A. established.
Nov. 1986 Yazaki Allied (NZ) Ltd. established.
Dec. 1986 Buenaventura Autopartes, S.A.de C.V. established for manufacture and sales of automotive wiring harnesses.
Jan. 1987 American Yazaki Corporation Plymouth Factory and Autopartes y Arneses de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. Asension Plant opened; EDS Engineering GmbH established.
Aug. 1987 YTM Component Inc. established in the Philippines.
Dec. 1987 Established a R&D institution (now YTC America Inc.) for optical technology. (Paid-in capital of USD 3 million)
Dec. 1987 Set up No. 2 plant of Autopartes y Arneses de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.
Mar. 1988 (Tianjin) Tianmei Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. established in China.
May 1988 Yazaki Monel, S.A. established in Spain.
Jun. 1988 Thai Metal Processing Co., Ltd. established.
Mar. 1989 Opened Chihuahua plant of Buenaventura Autopartes, S.A.de C.V.
May 1989 Opened Manila representative office in the Philippines.
July 1989 Opened Casas Grandes Plant of Autopartes y Arneses de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.
Oct. 1990 Shantou SEZ Yazaki Auto Parts Co., Ltd. established in China.
Oct. 1992 Yazaki International Corporation established in US.
Jan. 1993 Production of low tension electrical automotive wire in Portugal commences; Yazaki Saltano de Ovar-Cabos Electricos, Lda. (YSE) established in Portugal; Kumamoto Parts Co., Ltd. renamed Kumamoto Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd.; Western Kyushu Parts Co., Ltd. renamed Nagasaki Parts Co., Ltd.
Jan. 1994 Established NACOM in North America for production of automotive components. (Paid-in capital of USD 25 million)
Apr. 1994 Established EWD Limited Liability Company for production of wiring harnesses in North America. (Paid in capital of USD 50 million)
Jul. 1994 Established a subsidiary in Mexico, Cables Axa Yazaki, to produce automotive low pressure cables. (Paid-in capital of USD 11.44 million)
Sep. 1994 Established Yazaki Debnar Slovakia Spol. s.r.o. to produce wiring harnesses in Slovakia. (Paid-in capital of 57 million Koruna)
May 1995 Established a joint venture in Turkey to produce wiring harnesses (Paid-in capital of USD 16 million)
May 1995 Established Yazaki EDS Vietnam Ltd. to produce wire harnesses in Vietnam. (Paid-in capital of USD 6 million)
July 1995 Yazaki-Ciemel Ltda. (YCL) established in Columbia for the manufacture and sales of automotive wiring harnesses.
Dec. 1995 Yazaki Argentina S.A. (YAS) established in Argentina for wiring harnesses production; Chongqing Yazaki Meter Co., Ltd. (CYM) established for production and supply of automotive instruments in Mainland China.
Mar. 1996 Yazaki New Zealand Ltd. (YNZ) established for the sales and production of automotive wiring harnesses.
Apr. 1996 Australian Arrow Pty. Ltd. (AAPL) (formerly Yazaki Australia Pty. Ltd.) established for the sales and production of automotive wiring harnesses.
Dec. 1996 Frankfurt Branch Office established in Germany by Yazaki (UK) Ltd.; AT&T Yazaki Fiber Optic Co., Ltd. renamed Lucent Technologies Yazaki Co., Ltd.
Jun. 1997 American Yazaki Corporation and American Yazaki Corporation Engineering Center renamed Yazaki North America, Inc. and Yazaki North America, Inc. Engineering Center, respectively; Agritecno Yazaki Co., Ltd. established.
Aug. 1997 Tata-Yazaki Autocomp Limited (contract with Tata was signed in August 1997; production began in August 1998) established in India for the production of automotive wiring harnesses (Capital: INR 380 million; Yazaki investment: 50%)
Jun. 1998 Automotive R&D Center established in Y-CITY in Susono.
Jul. 1998 Yazaki (U.K.) Ltd. renamed Yazaki Europe Ltd.
Aug. 1998 Cooperative ITS-related work with Toshiba.
Sep. 1998 Headquarters transferred to Y-CITY in Susono.
Jan. 1999 Yazaki Europe Ltd., Paris Branch opened in France.
Mar. 1999 Y-CITY headquarters received ISO9001 certification.
Jun. 1999 Yazaki (Hong Kong) Limited established in China
Oct. 2002 Established Yazaki Morocco SA in Morocco. This is the first time that the Company established a facility in Africa.
Mar. 2007 The Company developed and released new DTG-3 tachographs.
2011 Established a joint venture "Ning Bo Yazaki Haoda Auto Parts Co., Ltd." with Geely Automobile and Geely's wiring harness supplier.
Acquired Italy-based wire harnesses supplier Cablelettra S.p.A.
2012 Acquired a Russian automotive wire harness company "Industrial Volga Company" Limited Liability Company.
Acquired all the shares in Tata Yazaki AutoComp Limited, which is a joint venture with Tata AutoComp, making it its wholly owned subsidiary.
Established "Monozukuri Center" in Makinohara City, Shizuoka Pref. Japan.
2016 The Company discontinued production of wire harnesses at its subsidiary in Samoa, Yazaki EDS Samoa Ltd.
2017 Yazaki Serbia d.o.o. is established in Šabac, Republic of Serbia.
2019 Myanmar Yazaki Thilawa Co., Ltd. is established in Thilawa Special Economic Zone, Myanmar.

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