Toyota Industries Corporation

Company Profile



2-1 Toyoda-cho, Kariya-shi, Aichi 448-8671, Japan

Business Overview

-The Company is the founding company of the Toyota Group.

-Its main business activities include manufacturing and sales of automobiles, industrial vehicles, textile machinery and other products, and logistics.

-The main business activities of its automotive division include assembling cars; and developing and producing automotive components such as car air-conditioning compressors, automotive electric components and devices, and stamping molds.

-The Company has the world’s highest market share in three product areas, i.e., forklifts, automotive air-conditioner compressors, and air-jet looms. *
*Based on Company’s own study.


2030 Vision (Announced in April 2019)

-The targets for FY2030 are as follows. Operating profit: more than JPY 400 billion, operating profit margin: 10%.

<Major developments in the automotive segment>


  • Invest in automatic products that offer excellent performance in terms of low magnetic-noise and quietness, destined for Europe and China.
  • Strengthen organization to increase capabilities in stages through making minimum investments in unit production in terms of fixed-capacity, adjustable capacity, and automation.


  • Diesel Engines
    • Respond to the deep-rooted demand especially for commercial vehicles and SUVs in emerging countries.
    • Expand production capacity of GD engines.
    • Enhance development and production efficiencies by consolidating businesses from Toyota
    • Develop next-generation engines that target zero emissions.
  • Turbo Engines
    • Increase the types of vehicles equipped with diesel engines
    • Launch turbo engines for gasoline engines
    • Increase sales to more than Toyota vehicles
    • Differentiate through R&D achievements reflected in company-built engines
  • Gasoline Engines
    • Increase unit production of TNGA engines that are the successors of the AR engines.
    • Challenge taking up development activities.


-Listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Nagoya Stock Exchange. (As of Mar. 31, 2023)
Name or Company Name Investment ratio (%)
Toyota Motor Corp. 24.67
Denso Corporation 9.55
The Master Trust Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Trust Account) 7.96
Toyota Tsusho Corporation 4.93
Custody Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Trust Account) 3.28
Nippon Life Insurance Co. 2.12
Aisin Corporation 2.12
Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Co., Ltd. 1.58
Total 62.72



Engines for Passenger Vehicles and RVs
-Diesel engines
-Gasoline engines

Foundry Parts
Cylinder blocks

  • Cylinder blocks for NASCAR racing
  • Cylinder blocks for VD diesel engines
  • Aluminum cylinder blocks for A25A gasoline engines

Cylinder heads

  • Aluminum cylinder heads for GD diesel engines


-Two-way twin turbocharging system for F33A Diesel Engine
-Variable Geometry Turbocharger for GD diesel engine
-Wastegate Turbocharger for the AR Gasoline Engine
-Waste gate Turbocharger for T24A Gasoline Engine



Fixed-Displacement Type Compressors
-Swash Plate Type
-Vane Type
-Scroll type

Continuous Variable-Displacement Type Compressors
-One-way swash plate internally-controlled type
-One-way swash plate externally-controlled type

Electrically-Driven Compressors

Aluminum Die-Cast Products
-Compressor cylinders
-Compressor housings
-Motor housings for electric compressors
-Compressor pistons (T6 treatment)
-Inverter cases for the Lexus GS Hybrid

FCEV Products
-Air compressors for FCV
-Hydrogen circulation pumps for FCV
-Viscous Type Power Heaters

Bipolar nickel-hydrogen batteries for hybrid vehicles


Car Electronics

-DC-DC converter
-DC-DC converter for start-stop system: Voltage stabilizer


AC Inverters
-1.5kW DC-AC inverters
-400W DC-AC inverters
-150W DC-AC inverters
-100W DC-AC inverters

On-Board Chargers
-On-Board Chargers
-Integrated On-Board Charger and DC-DC Converter Units

Charging-Discharging Systems
-Public-Use Charging Stand (Charging Infrastructure)
-Home-Use Charging Unit (Charging Infrastructure)
-Electric Vehicle Power Systems

Auto Bodies
-RAV4 Adventure


Nov. 1926 Toyota Industries Corporation was established.
Sep. 1933 Automobile Division was organized.
May, 1935 Completed the prototype of the Model A1 passenger car.
Aug. 1937 Spun off the Automobile Division as Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. (Now Toyota Motor Corporation.)
Mar. 1940 Spun off the steel Production Division as Toyota Steel Works, Ltd. (Now Aichi Steel Works, Ltd.)
Oct. 1944 Obu Plant began operations.
May, 1949 Listed on the Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka Stock Exchanges.
Dec. 1952 Began manufacturing automotive engines.
Aug. 1953 Kyowa Plant started operations (automobile engines, automobile assembly).
Jan. 1960 Began production of car air-conditioning compressors.
Oct. 1997 Established ST LCD Co., Ltd. jointly with Sony to manufacture liquid crystal equipment.
Sep. 1998 Established TD Deutsche Klimakompressor Ltd. in Germany jointly with Denso to manufacture car air-conditioning compressors.
Oct. 1998 Established TIBC jointly with Ibiden Co. Ltd. to manufacture IC chip plastic package circuits.
Aug. 2000 Changed the name of the company from Toyota Industries Works Corporation to Toyota Industries Corporation.
June, 2001 Integrated Technical Development Research Center and semi- conductor/electronic equipment operations into Technical Development Center to strengthen electronics business.
Aug. 2001 Completely transferred production of car air conditioning compressors from Denso to Toyota Industries for improved business management efficiency and international competitiveness.
Aug. 2001 Changed name of company to "Toyota Industries Corporation."
Oct. 2001 Higashi chita plant began operation
July, 2002 Higashiura plant began operations.
Oct. 2002 Established a joint venture, Toyota Motor Industries Poland LLP., in Poland with Toyota Motor Corp. to manufacture diesel engines.
July, 2004 Established TD Automotive Compressor Georgia, LLC jointly with Denso to manufacture automobile air-conditioner compressors in the USA.
June, 2005 Established TD Automotive Compressor Kunshan, Co., Ltd. jointly with Denso and two other Toyota Group companies to manufacture automobile air-conditioner compressors in China.
Aug. 2007 Anjo Plant began operations.
Feb. 2012 Established P.T. TD Automotive Compressor Indonesia to manufacture air-conditioner compressors.
Jan. 2013 TIBC Co., Ltd., joint venture with Ibiden Co., Ltd., has been dissolved.
Oct. 2016 Sold off all the shareholdings held in Toyota Motor Industries Poland Sp.zo.o.
Oct. 2022 Ishihama Plant began operations.

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