Aisin Corporation (Formerly Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd.)

Company Profile



2-1 Asahi-machi, Kariya, Aichi 448-8650, Japan

Business Overview

-A major firm of the Aisin Group. It is a parent company of Aisin AW, Advics, Aisin Takaoka, Aisin Chemical, and other group companies. 

-The Company's business consists of the automotive parts business, lifestyle- and energy-related business, and wellness-related products.
-Its auto parts business division manufactures following products:

  • Engine
  • Drivetrain
  • Brake and Chassis
  • Body
  • Information


Management Objective

-Setting FY 2019 as the base year, increase operating profit to 7% or higher by FY2023.


Growth Strategy

  1. Powertrain Strategy
    • Forecast: production volumes of AT and HV transmissions and eAxle will reach 13 million units by FY2023.
    • Breakdown of unit production
      • 2021: 11.5 million (Japan: 8.3 million, China: 2.2 million, North America: 700,000, ASEAN: 300,000)
    • Target to increase the ratio that electrified products (HV transmissions, eAxle) account for total production volume, to 20.0% in FY 2023
  2. Increasing products compatible to CASE
    • Electrification: Single-/double-motorized transmissions, eAxle series, electric pumps, regenerative braking systems
    • Self-driving: integrated motion-control bodies, control brakes, driver-monitoring system, parking-assist system, automatic valet parking system
    • Connectivity, sharing, service: Auto-body products for MaaS, occupant-protective doors, advanced-memory seat-settings, cabin monitoring systems, logistics-assist system
  3. Increased investment and sales of resources for CASE products
    • Eliminating unprofitable products in existing business segments; find ways to come up with resources. Increase the ratio of R&D activities for CASE operations to 50% by 2023.
    • Assimilate increases in fixed expenses that result because of increased sales; further lower compared to FY2019
    • Further advance consolidations of subsidiaries (such as Aisin AW and Aisin AI) and management functions.


Businesses of Aisin AW and Aisin AI Consolidated

-In April 2019, the business operations of Aisin AW in Anjo, Aichi Prefecture and Aisin AI in Nishio, Aichi Prefecture were consolidated. As a result, the reporting segments of Aisin AI were transferred to the Aisin AW Group, from “other ”.


Integration of subsidiary Aisin AW

Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. (Aisin Seiki) announced that it has decided to change its company trade name to Aisin Corporation after the integration of subsidiary Aisin AW Co., Ltd. (Aisin AW). The company will use the common name, Aisin. The date of the change is set for April 1, 2021. (From a press release dated April 30, 2020)


-Listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Nagoya Stock Exchange. (As of Mar. 31, 2020)
Name or Company Name Investment Ratio (%)
Toyota Motor Corp. 24.80
Toyota Industries 7.68
The Master Trust Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Trust Account) 4.87
Denso Corp. 4.81
Japan Trustee Services Bank (Trust Account) 4.41
Towa Real Estate Co., Ltd. 2.35
Nippon Life Insurance Company 2.33
Japan Trustee Services Bank (Trust Account 9) 1.57
Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. 1.40
Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company 1.36
Total 55.63



Automatic Transmission
-Aisin AW

  • High torque capacity RWD 10-speed automatic transmissions
  • High torque capacity RWD 8-speed automatic transmissions
  • High torque capacity RWD 6-speed automatic transmissions
  • Medium torque capacity RWD 8-speed automatic transmissions
  • Medium torque capacity RWD 6-speed automatic transmissions
  • High torque capacity FWD 8-speed automatic transmissions
  • Medium torque capacity FWD 6-speed automatic transmissions
  • High torque capacity FWD 6-speed automatic transmissions
  • Small torque capacity FWD 6-speed automatic transmissions

-Aisin Seiki

  • RWD 6-speed automatic transmissions for light duty trucks & buses
  • RWD 5-speed automatic transmissions for medium duty trucks & buses
  • RWD 4-speed automatic transmissions with transfer for light duty trucks
  • Power-shift transmissions for forklift trucks

Manual Transmission
-Aisin AW

  • High torque capacity FWD 6-speed manual transmissions
  • Medium torque capacity FWD 6-speed manual transmissions
  • High torque capacity RWD 6-speed manual transmissions
  • Medium torque capacity RWD 6-speed manual transmissions

CVT and others
-Aisin AW

  • Medium torque capacity Continuously Variable Transmissions - CVT
  • Small Torque capacity CVTs
  • Medium torque capacity FR 2 Motor Hybrid Transmissions
  • FR Multi-stage Hybrid Transmissions
  • Small torque capacity FF Motor Hybrid Transmissions

-Aisin AW

  • High torque capacity for RWD transfer cases

-Aisin Seiki

  • Hybrid Transmissions for commercial vehicle
  • Automated manual transmissions
  • Differential gears with 2WD-4WD shift-actuator for all terrain vehicles
  • Clutch covers
  • Clutch discs
  • Clutch master cylinders
  • Concentric slave cylinders
  • 2WD-4WD motor shift actuators
  • Dampers for hybrid vehicles

-Aisin Takaoka

  • Aluminum die casting oil pump covers

-Aisin Chemical

  • High-µs wet friction materials for automatic transmission
  • High heat-resistance wet friction materials for automatic transmission
  • Non-solvent dry friction materials for manual transmission

Chassis & Vehicle Safety Systems

Parking and driving assist
-Aisin Seiki

  • Parking assist systems
  • Driver monitoring system


  • Disc brake
  • Brake ASSY
  • Brake boosters & Brake master cylinders with brake assist
  • ESC modulators
  • Electric parking brakes

-Aisin Seiki

  • Power tilt & telescopic steering column with ECU
  • Damping force adjustment type absorber
  • Active rear steering system


Door related products
-Aisin Seiki

  • Window regulators
  • Power slide door systems
  • Power back door systems
  • Power door locks
  • Slide door closers
  • Door hinges
  • Door checks
  • Outside door handles
  • Inside door handles
  • Door handles for smart key systems

-Aisin Takaoka

  • "Die quench" door beam


  • Door frames

Roof, exterior, and structural components
-Aisin Seiki

  • Frame moldings; zinc die cast
  • Roof rails
  • Rear spoilers
  • Sunroofs

-Aisin Chemical

  • Structural Adhesive


  • Frame moldings; stainless steel

Seat components
-Aisin Seiki

  • Occupant weight sensing systems
  • Rear seat relaxation systems
  • Power retractable seats
  • Seat slide sensors for airbag control
  • Passenger detection sensors
  • Pneumatic seat


  • Power seats
  • Seat recliners
  • Manual operated seats


-Aisin Seiki

  • Crash box
  • Center pillar garnishes
  • Grille shutters
  • Bumper reinforcement

-Aisin Takaoka

  • A-pillar reinforcement
  • "Die Quench" bumper reinforcement

-Aisin Chemical

  • High performance spray damping coat
  • Waterborne anti-corrosion paint

Engine related products

-Aisin Seiki

  • Engine front modules; timing chain case with water pump and oil pump
  • Water pumps
  • Variable valve timings
  • Variable intake manifolds
  • Variable intake manifolds with an integrated rotary valve, co-developed with MANN+HUMMEL
  • Pistons
  • Oil pans
  • Cylinder head covers
  • Electric oil pumps for idling stop
  • Electric water pumps for cooling engine
  • Electric water pumps for cooling inverter
  • Flow Shutting Valve
  • Continuously variable capacity oil pump

-Aisin Takaoka

  • Exhaust manifold & converter

Information Related Products

-Aisin AW

  • Smart eco-drive function equipped car navigation system
  • Voice car navigation system
  • NAVlelite car navigation application system designed for Smartphones




Jun. 1949 Established Aichi Kogyo Co., Ltd. with capital of 15 million yen.
Jul. 1952 Aichi Kogyo Co. was listed on the Nagoya Stock Exchange.
Jun. 1953 Began manufacturing die-cast products.
Mar. 1960 Shinkawa Kogyo Co., Ltd. spun off its Casting Division and established Takaoka Kogyo Co., Ltd.(current Aisin Takaoka)
Aug. 1961 Started producing automotive transmissions at Aichi Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Oct. 1961 Aichi Kogyo was listed on the first section of the Nagoya Stock Exchange.
Aug. 1965 Aichi Kogyo acquired Shinkawa Kogyo (capital of 656 million yen) and changed the Company name to Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. (capital of 2,856 million yen) The Company took over the operations of Shinkawa Plant (established in March 1945) and Shintoyo Plant (established in Aug.1961) from Shinkawa Kogyo accordingly.
May 1969 Established Aisin-Warner Ltd. (now Aisin AW Co., Ltd.) based on a joint-venture with BorgWarner.
May 1970 Was listed on the first section of both the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Osaka Stock Exchange.
May 1970 Opened Fujioka Proving Ground
Oct. 1970 Established Aisin U.S.A., Inc.
Oct. 1971 Established Aisin Europe S.A.
Nov. 1972 Established Aisin (Australia) Pty., Ltd.
Mar. 1973 Capital investment in Liberty Mexicana S.A. DE C.V.
Jan. 1974 Established Aisin Do Brasil Com. E IND Ltda.
Aug. 1977 Established Aisin Asia Pte. Ltd.
Sep. 1979 Established Elite Sewing Machine Mfg. Co., Ltd.
Apr. 1985 Established Aisin Maintenance Co., Ltd.
Apr. 1985 Established Aisin Engineering Co., Ltd.
Jul. 1986 Established Institut Minoru De Recherche Avancee S.A. (IMRA Europe S.A. at present)
Jul. 1988 Established Aisin America, Inc.
Jul. 1988 Established Aisin U.S.A. Mfg., Inc.
Nov. 1988 Established Aisin Newhard Co., Ltd.
Feb.1990 Established Aisin Human Systemes Co., Ltd.
May 1990 Established IMRA America, Inc.
July 1991 Established Aisin AI Co., Ltd. (Separation of Shiroyama Plant)
Dec. 1991 Established Aisin Material R&D Co., Ltd. (IMRA Material R&D Co., Ltd. at present)
Mar. 1992 Established Aisin AW Precision Co., Ltd.
Aug. 1992 Established Aisin Tohoku Co., Ltd.
Oct. 1992 Established Aisin Cosmos R&D Co., Ltd.
Oct. 1992 Aisin U.S.A., Inc. and Aisin America Inc. were merged and Aisin World Corp. of America was established.
Dec. 1992 Opened Toyokoro Proving Ground
Apr.1993 Established Aisin Kyushu Co., Ltd.
Jun. 1995 Established Aisin Hongda Automobile Parts Co., Ltd.
Aug. 1995 Established PT. Aisin Inodonesia.
Apr. 1996 Established Tangshan Aisin Gear Co., Ltd.
May 1996 Established Aisin Electronics Inc.
Jul. 1996 Established Aisin Mexicana S.A. De C.V.
Aug. 1996 Established Brake System Comprehensive R&D Center
Oct. 1996 Established Aisin Drivetrain, Inc.
Nov. 1996 Established Aisin Automotive Casting, Inc.
Dec. 1996 Established Siam Aisin Co., Ltd.
Jul. 1997 Established Tianjin Aisin Automobile Parts Co., Ltd.
Jul. 1997 Obtained QS9000 and ISO9001 certification
Jan.1998 Established Aisin Europe Manufacturing (UK) Ltd.
Apr.1999 Obtained ISO14001 certification for all plants
Jul. 1999 Established Aisin NTTF Private Ltd.
Jan. 2001 Established Aisin Holdings of America, Inc. and Aisin World Corp. of America.
Jan. 2001 Established Aisin Personnel Service, Inc.
May 2001 Established Aisin Tianjin Body Parts Co., Ltd.
Jun. 2001 Zhejiang Aisin Elite Machinery and Electric Co., Ltd.
Jul. 2001 Established ADVICS Co. Ltd. as a joint venture among Denso, Sumitomo Electrics Industries, Toyota Motor, and the Company.
Oct. 2001 Established Aisin Brake & Chassis, Inc.
Oct. 2001 Established Aisin Mfg. Illinois, LLC.
Dec. 2001 Established Hangzhou Aisin INAX Machinery& Electric Co., Ltd.
Oct. 2002 Established Aisin Canada Inc.
Nov. 2002 Established Aisin Europe Manuacturing Czech s.r.o
Aug. 2003 Established Aisin Light Metals, LLC.
Feb. 2004 Established Aisin Automotive Casting Tennessee, Inc.
Apr. 2004 Established Aisin Seiki Foshan Automotive Parts Co., Ltd.
Apr. 2004 Established Aisin Electronics Illinois, LLC.
May 2004 Established Mfg. Aguascalientes, S.A. De C.V.
Aug. 2004 Established Otomotiv Parcalari Sanayi Ve Ticaret A. S.
Sep. 2004 Established Fengai (Guangzhou) Automotive Seat Parts Co., Ltd
Dec. 2004 Established Aisin Seiki Foshan Body Parts Co., Ltd.
Mar. 2005 Established Tangshang Aisin Automotive Parts Co., Ltd.
Oct. 2005 Established FT Techno of America, LLC
Nov. 2005 Established Tianjin Feng Ai Automotive Seat Parts Co., Ltd.
Jan. 2006 Established Aisin Chemical Indiana, LLC
Feb. 2006 Established Aisin Hokkaido Co., Ltd.
Apr. 2006 Established Kinuura plant
Oct. 2006 Established Aisin Mfg. California, LLC
Feb. 2007 Established Aisin Comcruise Co., Ltd.
Aug. 2007 Established Aisin Kyushu Casting Co., Ltd.
Sep. 2007 Established AS Brake Systems Inc.
Sep. 2007 Opened Production Engineering Center
Dec. 2007 Established Aisin Seiki (Tianjin)
Jul. 2008 Established Aisin Technical Center of America, Inc
Sep. 2008 Established Aisin Thai Automotive Casting Co., Ltd.
Apr. 2010 Kariya Plant was transferred to ADVICS Co., Ltd.
Jun. 2012 Acquired 33.4% of the stock shares in Hiji H-Tech Co., Ltd. that is engaged in the design, evaluation and testing of semi-conductor circuits.
May 2015 Signed a contract to transfer the seat structure business with Toyota Boshoku and Shiroki.
Apr. 2016 Turned Shiroki Corporation into a wholly owned subsidiary through a share exchange.
Feb. 2017 Acquired Art Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd. through a stock acquisition, which became a subsidiary.
Apr. 2019 Subsidiaries Aisin AW Co. Ltd. and Aisin AI consolidated their management functions.

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