TACHI-S Co., Ltd.

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1-3-1 Suehirocho, Ome-shi, Tokyo-to 198-0025 Japan

Business Overview

-A leading seat manufacturer.

-Based on the mid-term management plan Transformative Value Evolution (TVE) that covers fiscal years 2021 through to 2024, the Company aims to achieve the following targets by the end of March 2025:
  Sales: JPY 270 billion
  Operating profit: JPY 9.0 to 10.0 billion.


-Listed on the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (As of Mar. 31, 2023)
Name or company name Investment ratio (%)
The Master Trust Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Trust Account) 11.73
The Custody Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Trust Account) 4.46
Toyota Boshoku 2.98
Kasai Kogyo 2.62
Individual shareholder 2.33
Tachi-S Customer Stock Ownership Plan 2.21
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation 2.17
Total 40.56


-Driver seat
-Rear seat
-Passenger seat
-Second seat
-Third seat
-Commercial vehicle seat

Mechanical Parts
-Manual recliner
-Thinner manual recliner
-Power recliner
-Thinner power recliner
-Manual Track
-Manual Seat Track With Internal Lever
-Front-Mounted Motor Power Seat Track
-Manual lifter brake
-Power Lifter Motor
-Seat Back Latch
-Seat Cushion Latch

-3-D Quilting


Apr. 1954 Established Tachikawa Spring Ltd. in Tachikawa, Tokyo due to an organizational change to strengthen business foundation. This was a move to cope with the business expansion of Tachikawa Spring Works, a manufacturer and seller of precision springs and automotive seat components.
Sep. 1959 Transferred headquarters and plant to Akishimashi, Tokyo, the current location.
Apr. 1961 Spun off the precision spring division and established it as an independent company, Tachikawa Hatsujo (currently a consolidated subsidiary).
Apr. 1969 Established Ome City Plant in Omeshi, Tokyo.
Jun. 1969 Established Nihon Premaflex (currently Tachis Parts, a consolidated subsidiary) in Ome City, Tokyo.
Jan. 1973 Established Kyoritsu Welder (now transferred to Iruma-Shi, Saitama Pref.) in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo.
Mar. 1973 Nissan Motors, Hino Motors, and Mitsubishi Motors bought into the Company.
Feb. 1976 Established Kinryo Kogyo (merged with Ikeda Bussan; currently a consolidated subsidiary) in Toyotsu-machi, Miyako-gun, Fukuoka Pref.
Jun. 1976 Established Osaka Branch (currently the Osaka sales office) in Nishi Yodogawa Ward, Osaka.
Aug. 1976 Established Tachikawa Kogyo in Omori-machi, Hiraka-gun, Akita Pref.
Oct. 1976 Bought into Fujiko Kogyo in Nagoya, Aichi Pref.
Apr. 1977 Established Aichi Plant in Anjou, Aichi Pref.
Sep. 1978 Acquired Nagoya Interior Ltd.
Jan. 1980 Established Musashi Plant in Iruma, Saitama Pref.
Feb. 1982 Established Tochigi Plant in Tochigi Pref.
Jun. 1982 Established Hiratsuka Plant in Hiratsuka, Kanagawa Pref.
Jun. 1983 Established Suzuka Plant in Mie Pref.
Sep. 1985 Established Hiratsuka No.1 Plant (currently Hiratsuka Plant).
Apr. 1986 Changed Company name to Tachis Co. Ltd.
Jun. 1986 Established Tachis Engineering USA, Inc. in Michigan, USA (currently a consolidated subsidiary).
Nov. 1986 Established Techno Trim Inc. (currently an affiliate) in Michigan, USA as a joint venture with Johnson Controls Inc.
Dec. 1986 Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Sep. 1987 Established Seatechs Inc. in Ohio, USA (currently a consolidated subsidiary) as a joint venture with Johnson Controls.
Jan. 1989 Acquired Fujiko Kogyo Ltd.
May 1990 Established Hyperion Inc. (currently Hyperion Seating) in Tennessee, USA as a joint venture with Johnson Controls.
Mar. 1991 Established the Suzuka No. 2 Plant (currently the Suzuka Plant) in Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture.
Apr. 1991 Established Industrialde Asient Superial S. A. de C. V. (currently a consolidated subsidiary) in Aguascalientes, Mexico, as a joint venture with Mexico Nissan.
Mar. 1993 Established and concentrated the R&D division at the Tachis Technology Center in Ome City, Tokyo.
Aug. 1993 Shut down the Hiratsuka No. 2 Plant and integrated it into the No.1 Plant (currently the Hiratsuka Plant).
Mar. 1994 Shut down the Suzuka No.1 Plant and integrated it into the No. 2 Plant (currently the Suzuka plant) and the Aichi Plant.
Apr. 1995 Jointly with Shanghai Vehicle Awning & Cushioned Seat Factory, established Shaihai Taiye Auto Seat Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, China.
Aug. 1998 Opened Tachis Engineering Center Aichi in Anjo City, Aichi Pref.
Dissolved the capital tie-up with Nissan Motor, and formed a capital tie-up with Fuji Kiko (currently one of affiliates).
Jan. 2000 Established Thing Tech NC. in North Carolina, U.S.A.
Feb. 2000 Announced that the Company would close its Honsha Plant within a 2-year target period and instead, increase production volume at facilities in the U.S. and Mexico .
Mar. 2000 Tachis and Fuji Kiko, following capital and business tie-up agreements, started to supply jointly-developed seats to domestic car manufacturers, reducing cost and weight by 10% from the level of existing products.
Jun. 2000 Established a new car seat plant in Yokosuka City, responding to Nissan's production transfer to its Oppama Plant. The new plant will supply car seats for 12,000 units monthly.
Aug. 2000 Set up Oppama Plant in Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Pref.
Jan. 2001 Established a new seat cover sewing plant in Aguascalientes in central Mexico. As a result, production volume in Mexico accounted for 75% of the total output of North, Central, and South America.
Feb. 2001 Jointly with Xi'an Qinchuan Auto, established a seat manufacturing company in Xi'an City, China. The two parties invested capital of 47.5% each. Asahi Trading invested the remaining 5%. It was the Company's second production site in China. Expected output is 10,000 units for the first year, and 50,000 units eventually.
Mar. 2001 Opened Shanghai Office in Shanghai, China.
Mar. 2001 -Thing Tech, TachiS's American subsidiary, announced that it would start commercial production of school bus seats based on the completely synchronized production system" to supply to Thomas Built Buses, Inc, a major school bus manufacturer in the U.S., expecting to become its only supplier by 2001.
-Announced that the Company would establish a car seat parts manufacturing plant on a site adjacent to the Hiratsuka Plant, setting up an integrated production system in Hiratsuka.
May, 2002 Transferred the headquarters site.
Jun. 2002 Established Kanazawa office in Matto city, Ishikawa Pref.
Closed down the headquarters plant.
Dec. 2002 Dissolved capital alliance with Mitsubishi Motors.
Feb. 2003 Established Tachi-S Taicang Co., Ltd in Taicang, Jiangsu Province, China
Mar. 2003 Listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Aug. 2003 Sold its shares in Shanghai Taiye Seat Co., Ltd. to its joint-venture partner.
Mar. 2004 Established Fuji Autotech U.S.A. LLC, which is a joint venture with Fujikiko USA in Kentucky, U.S.A.
Apr. 2004 Established TS Design Co., Ltd. in Ome-city, Tokyo (currently a non-consolidated subsidiary).
Sep. 2004 Established Tachi-S Canada Ltd. in Nova Scotia, Canada (currently a consolidated subsidiary).
Sep. 2004 Established Setex Canada GP (a joint venture with Johnson Controls Inc.) in Ontario, Canada (currently a consolidated subsidiary).
Oct. 2004 Established Tachi-S Engineering Europe S.A.R.L in Velizy-Villacoublay, France (a non-consolidated subsidiary).
Nov. 2004 Established Tacle Guangzhou Automotive Seat Co., Ltd. (a joint venture with Dongfeng Lear Automotive Seat Co. and Hsin Chong International Investment Co.) in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China (currently a non-consolidated subsidiary).
Jan. 2005 Established Fuji Autotech Guangzhou Co., Ltd. (a joint venture with Fuji Kiko Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Min Fang Auto Parts Co., Ltd.) in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China (currently a non-consolidated subsidiary).
Sep. 2005 Established Tacle Seating UK Limited (a joint-venture with Lear Luxembourg S.A.R.L.) in Tyne and Wear, U.K.; which is currently a consolidated subsidiary.
Dec. 2005 Established Tacle Seating U.S.A. LLC (a joint-venture with Lear Operations Corporation) in Tennessee, U.S.A; which is currently a consolidated subsidiary.
Jul. 2006 Established Nui Tec Corporation, a controlling company of the Company's sewing businesses. (Currently it is one of the Company's consolidated subsidiaries.)
Nov. 2006 Formed a business tie-up with Kasai Kogyo Co., Ltd.
May, 2007 Nui Tec Corporation (currently a consolidated subsidiary) merged with Tachikawa Kogyo and Fujiko Kogyo.
Dec. 2008 Closed Oppama plant.
May, 2010 Formed commercial alliance with Johnson Controls Inc.
Jun. 2010 Invested in Johnson Controls Inc., making a capital tie-up.
Sep. 2011 Established TACHI-S (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (current consolidated subsidiary) in Bangkok, Thailand.
Established PT.TACHI-S Indonesia (current consolidated subsidiary) in Karawang, Indonesia.
Apr. 2012 Established a Technology and Product-creation Center in Ome City, Japan.
May 2012 Established Tachi-S Engineering Latin America, S.A. de C.V. in Aguascalientes, Mexico; which is currently a consolidated subsidiary
Aug. 2012 Closed the TACHI-S Technical Center.
Sep. 2012 Established Setex Automotive Mexico S.A. de C.V. in Guanajuato, Mexico; which is currently a consolidated subsidiary.
Jul. 2013 Established TACHI-S Lear DFM Automotive Seating (Xiangyang) Co. Ltd. (current consolidated subsidiary) in Xiangyang, Hubei, China.
Oct. 2013 Established TACHI-S Trim Wuhan Co., Ltd. (current consolidated subsidiary) in Wuhan, China.
Apr. 2014 Turned TACLE Seating U.S.A. LLC and TACLE Seating Thailand Co., Ltd. into wholly owned subsidiaries, changing their names to TACHI-S Automotive Seating U.S.A. LLC and TACHI-S Automotive Seating (Thailand) Co., Ltd., respectively.
Mar. 2016 Turned Tachikawa Hatsujou Co., Ltd. into a wholly owned subsidiary.
Mar. 2017 Formed commercial alliance with Toyota Boshoku
Oct. 2017 Acquired all the stock shares in TF-METAL and turned it into a subsidiary, after TF-METAL became the successor company through absorbing and spinning off the seat business of Fuji Kiko.
Jan. 2018 Tachikawa Hatsujou Co., Ltd. merged TACHI-S Parts Co., Ltd. and changed to TACHI-S H&P Co., Ltd.
Apr. 2019 Established Hunan TACHI-S Automotive Seating Co., Ltd. in Changsha, Hunan Province, China, a consolidated subsidiary through the acquisition of shares.
Dec. 2019 Established a subsidiary in Jiashan County, Zhejiang Province.
Apr. 2022 Moved from the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange to the Prime Market due to the TSE's reorganization.
Oct. 2022 Merger of Zhejiang TACHI-S Automotive Parts Co., Ltd and Zhejiang Fu Chong Tai Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. into operations of TF-METAL Zhejiang Co., Ltd.
Dec. 2022 Closed Hiratsuka production plant and transferred operations to the Musashi production plant.
Relocated the home office to the Engineering & Product Creation Center.

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