Kautex Textron GmbH & Co. KG

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Kautexstrasse 52, 53229 Bonn, Germany

Business Overview

-The Company operates the Fuel Systems and Functional Components product line under the Industrial Segment of its parent company, Textron Inc.

-The Company is one of the leading global suppliers of plastic fuel tank systems, selective catalytic reduction systems, and clear vision systems.


-A wholly owned subsidiary of Textron Inc.


-Fuel tank systems
-Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems
-Clear vision systems


1997 Kautex Group (present name is Kautex Textron) acquired the camshaft manufacturer, Kenwood Products Corp and the seat support components maker General Rubber Goods.
1999 Kautex began operating the new plant to produce plastic fuel tank systems and filler pipes for the VW Golf, Jetta and New Beetle in Mexico.
Apr. 2000 Kautex established a new plant for VW in South Moravia. The new plant was completed in Jan. 2001
2002 Integration of Micromatic and CWC into the Kautex Textron Group.
Foundation of the Kautex plant in Shanghai, China
Jul. 2005 With the pay-off of the Company's joint venture partner Keylex in Hiroshima Japan and the opening of a new production plant in Shanghai, China, Kautex demonstrated its ling-term commitment to rapidly growing Asian market.
2011 Opened two new plants: in Silao, Mexico and in Craiova, Romania.
2012 Opened a new plant in Chongqing, China and a Development and Validation Center in Guangzhou, China.

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