Johnson Electric Group Business Report FY ended Mar. 2013

Business Highlights

Financial overview

(in million USD)
FY ended Mar.31,2013 FY ended Mar.31,2012 Rate of change Factors
Sales 2,059.69 2,140.80 (3.79%) Note:1)
Operating profit  212.92 221.11 (3.70%) -
Profit before taxation  218.01 220.51 (1.13%)
Profit after taxation  196.89 188.89 4.24%
Automotive Products Group (APG)
Sales 1,303.9 1,272.80 2.44% Note:2)

- The 4% decrease in total sales to US$2.06 billion reflected strong demand from automotive customers, lower sales to industrial customers,
fluctuations of foreign exchange rate and divestment of non-core business.

- The Automotive Products Group (“APG”), the largest operating division, achieved sales of US$1,2304 million – an increase of 6% compared to a year earlier. All the major regional markets reported healthy growth, with the strongest performance being in the Asia. 

 Automotive Products Group

- Excluding nonrecurring items, sales in FY2012/13 amounted to US$1,304 million, 6% increase. The main business is to provide innovative technology solutions for automotive original equipment manufacturers, save fuel, reduce emissions and improve safety. In addition, All the major regional markets reported healthy growth.

<By Regions>
- Excluding currency effects, sales growth from FY2011/12 to FY2012/13: Overall 6%, Asia 8%, Europe 5%, Americas 5%.

-In China, the Company maintained strong growth momentum in Asia. This is driven by the success of the Company's cooling fan products, lock application products and electric sunroofs.

- In Europe, after the Company launched new products, the Company's turnover of cooling fan products and gear motor drive system for electric windows increased.

- In the Americas, the Company's turnover increased, including brushless engine cooling system,stepper actuators and application products for door locks and adjustable seats. Engine cooling fan business is mainly engaged in manufacture and sales of cooling fan modules to original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and tier 1 customers. It grew slowly in the Americas.

-The Company continues to invest in cutting-edge applications for the development of cost-effective, lightweight, high power density motors and subsystems and products which will strengthen safety, improve fuel efficiency and reduce products emission.



-Johnson Electric will bring 11 new products to participate the 15th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition on 20 - 29, April in Shanghai.The focus on the exhibit is to show new products focusing on motion solutions for fuel saving and emissions reduction, including,

  • AMT transmission motors with high torque and compact designs 
  • DCT transmission BLDC motors with high performance and rare earth free designs 
  • Engine cooling fan modules with brushless DC motors 
  • Valve actuators for engine management - 3 classes based on temperature and vibration 
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) motors with high torque 
  • Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) motors with low detent torque 
  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC) motors with higher power 
  • Power liftgate strut motors with small diameter and high driving torque 
  • Seat adjustment motors with light weight and rare earth free designs 
  • Washer pump with high efficiency and high pressure designs 
  • Window lift and sunroof drives with low weight and low noise (From a press release on April 17, 2013)

New Plant

- The Johnson Electric Group is constructing a new plant in Zacatecas, Mexico to supply its products to its customers in North and South America. As the first phase of the construction project, the company will set up a 7,400-square-meter plant, which will create 500 jobs. Production operation is scheduled to begin in September 2012. Johnson Electric now has 22 plants in 14 countries and regions worldwide. (From a press release, May 3, 2012)

- The Company gradually established operation bases in Asia, the Americas and Europe. In Asia, the Company has expanded plant in Guangxi Beihai, and will further expand operations in India. In the Americas, the Company has set up a new plant in Mexico recently, which will be an important production hub in the Mexico. In Europe, the Company is studying the feasibility of construction of additional production facilities in Eastern Europe to support new business growth. (From the Company's 2012 annual report)

Business Reduction

- On February 1, 2013, the Company sold Saia-Burgess Controls at 100.0 million euros to Honeywell International. Saia-Burgess is an European-based non-core business. It is engaged in the manufacture and assembly of programmable logic controllers. Its turnover in 2012 is 69.9 million dollars. (From the Company's 2012 annual report)


R&D Structure

- Engineering centers are located in Hong Kong, Germany, Switzerland, UK, Italy, Japan, China, Israel and the USA.

New Products

- Johnson Electric has announced a new haptic actuator for use in touch screen displays. Haptic feedback used in various control system is emerging as an important factor for automotive applications. Launched under the Ledex-HA brand, the HA110 haptic actuator provides the highest G force rating in the smallest package size with rapid response times. The HA110 has a rated life of 10 million cycles ore more, representing a 20 times improvement over current technologies. The Ledex actuator has a low output frequency which is ideally suited to human discernment and has controllable stimuli which allows for multiple haptic effects for different circumstances. (From a press release, November 27, 2012)

- Johnson Electric announced a new EGR motor series, which is designed to meet the Euro6 emissions standards. The new EGR motor, which is similar in size as conventional products, achieves a 30 percent improvement in torque performance. The motor can operate normally at a temperature as high as 160 degrees Celsius and also in a high frequency vibration environment of 50G. It clears class 5 in Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) based on the CISPR25 standards. (From a press release, October 25, 2012)

- Johnson Electric has announced a new valve actuator product line for engine coolant circuits and cabin refrigerant circuits. To be marketed under the Saia-Burgess brand, the actuator product line is designed to improve fuel efficiency, reduce emissions, and increase driving range of electric and hybrid cars. These new valve actuators can be custom designed to provide a wide range of speed and torque performance for all types of powertrains. Its lineup falls into three categories: class 1 for chassis mounted valves with operating temperatures up to 105 degrees Celsius; class 2 for transmission mounted valves with operating temperatures up to 125 degrees Celsius; and class 3 for engine mounted valves with operating temperatures up to 140 degrees Celsius. Replacement of thermostats and adding precision valves improves engine thermal management for better fuel economy and reduced emissions. (From a press release, September 21, 2012) 

- Johnson Electric Group announced a motor product line for automotive Electronic Stability Control (ESC) systems. The ESC motor product line employs advanced technologies that include a magnetic circuit design, winding pattern and commutation interface. These technologies deliver power up to 350 W and operating life of over 350 hours, which is 50 percent higher power and 15 percent longer life compared to competitive products. (From a press release on August 28, 2012)

- Johnson electric announced a new type of door-lock motor, a hybrid worm-gear motor, in July 2012. The motor, which offers a high degree of reliability and a low locked rotor current, uses hybrid worm technology in place of traditional D cut worm gear. It is mounted by press fitting. This motor achieves a high level of performance in terms of product life, pull off force, TIR (Total Indicator Reading), and other performance indicators. In addition, the hybrid worm gears can be used as replacements for brass worm gears. (From a July 10, 2012 Press Release)

- On May 16, 2012, the Company announced the electronic throttle control (ETC) motor product line. This product line provides high torque, superior vibration resistance of up to 50G and a wide operating temperature range up to 160 degrees Celsius. The high torque ETC motor product line employs some unique technologies, including magnetic circuit design and winding technology, offering increased EMC suppression compared to the industry’s standard products. It is capable of providing EMC suppression up to CISPR25, Level 5. (From a press release, May 16, 2012)


- The Company announced on March 27, 

2012 Compact Lite Sunroof Drive
, the industry’s lightest sunroof drive motor. The Compact Lite sunroof drive is based on a rare earth free motor design. Compared with traditional products, it is 30 percent lower in weight, while reducing vibration and improving noise levels by 6dBA. The unique technology within this new sunroof drive includes key components such as gearboxes, commutators, brush holderd, and Johnson Electric’s CurveTM technology motors. Lower noise and more compartment space also improve passenger comfort. (From a press release, March 27, 2012) 

Investment Activities

Capital investment

(in million USD)
  FY ended Mar.31,2013 FY ended Mar.31,2012 FY ended Mar.31,2011
Total 82.6 91.3 85.6