Littelfuse, Inc.

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8755 West Higgins Road, Suite 500, Chicago, IL 60631 USA

Business Overview

-The Company is a supplier of circuit protection products for the electronics, automotive and electrical industries. The Company's operations are divided into three segments based on those industries.

-The Company is the leading supplier of circuit protection for the automotive industry and the third largest producer of electrical fuses in North America.


-August 2016: Acquired a select product portfolio from ON Semiconductor Corporation, including transient voltage suppression (TVS) diodes, switching thyristors and insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBT) for automotive ignition applications.

-March 2016: Acquired the circuit protection business of TE Connectivity Ltd.


-Cooper Industries
-Pacific Engineering


-Listed on NASDAQ.


Passenger Car Components
-Blade fuses
-Cartridge fuses
-Programmable Array Logic (PAL) fuses
-Bolt down fuses
-Advanced power system fuses
-Cable fuses
-Fuse holders
-Power distribution centers
-Transient Voltage Suppression (TVS) diodes
-Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) fuses
-High current fuses
-High voltage fuses
-Resistors, diodes and shunts
-Printed circuit boards
-Solar sensors
-Belt-buckle switches
-Water-in-fuel sensors
-Steering wheel switches
-Reed switches
-Reed relays

Commercial Vehicle Components
Battery Management
-Battery combiners
-Battery disconnect switches
-Battery isolators
-Liftgate battery protection
-Low voltage disconnects

PDMs, Fuseholders and Accessories
-Power Distribution Modules (PDM)
-Junction blocks

-Blade fuses
-Indicator fuses
-Bolt down fuses
-Cartridge fuses

-Ignition switches
-Momentary switches
-Push-pull switches
-Remote switches
-Rocker switches
-Rotary and headlamp switches
-Special purpose switches
-Toggle switches
-Windshield wiper switches

DC Solenoids and Relays
-Bi-stable relays
-Compact relays and microrelays
-Double pole relays
-Normally open relays
-Plug-in relays
-Single pole relays
-Solid state relays
-Specialty relays

-Circuit breakers
-Pilot lights
-Lamps and lamp sockets


1927 Established by Edward V. Sundt.
Invented the first small, fast-acting protective fuses.
1930 Introduced automotive fuses. 
1976 Introduced ATO blade fuses.
1989 Introduced MINI fuses.
1994 Introduced MIDI bolt-on type automotive fuses for high electric current for European markets.
Oct. 1995 Acquired 51% interest in Samjoo Elec. Ind. Co. Ltd. a South Korean fuse manufacturer and changed the name to Sam Hwa Littelfuse, Inc.
Mar. 1997 Acquired 97% interest in Samjoo Elec. Ind. Co. Ltd. a South Korean fuse manufacturer and changed the name to Littelfuse Triad.
Mar. 1998 Consolidated its Korean operations into Littelfuse Triad. 
Aug. 1999 Acquired the Suppression Products Group, a division of Harris Corporation in Ireland.
Jul. 2002 Acquired Semitron Industries Limited of Swindon, England.
Jul. 2003 Acquired Teccor Electronics.
May 2004 Acquired Heinrich Industrie AG, a holding company for the Wickmann Group. Wickmann Group is a manufacturer of circuit protection products in Germany.
Dec. 2010 Acquired Cole Hersee.
May 2012 Acquired ACCEL AB.
Sep. 2012 Acquired Terra Power Systems.
May 2013 Acquired Hamlin, Inc., a sensor technology provider, from Key Safety Systems for USD 144.4 million.

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