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JSAE 2007

ATO 32 Blade Fuses
Image Accounting for 80% in the market share for the U.S. Big-3
For Hybrids
Image HEV Series EV45 Fuses
Image HEV Series
AC/DC Separating Type KLKD Series
Image HEV Series 450V Rated Current,  Bolt-Down Fuse (Under development)

JSAE 2006

High pressure fuse for hybrid vehicles (EV fuse)
-A newly developed element has substantially improved vibration and impact resistance property.
-This fuse makes a slower response than conventional products to protect cables.
-An angular, compact body
Cutoff standard :DC 450V/2000A
Inline fuse to protect power cables (Master fuse)
-A junction box is made smaller. Plural delay-type high electric current fuses are installed in one package. Placing high electric current fuses outside the junction box reduces rise of temperature inside the junction box.
-It has the same performance and element design as MIDI fuses with established reputation.
-It can be installed in the engine compartment. This fuse can be customized.
-It is delivered to GM. 
Compact low electric current junction box
-Low back JCASE fuse
-This low back fuse, while keeping electric property equal to that of conventional fuses, has been made substantially smaller. (Weight is 38% reduced and height 45%)
-The junction box is made smaller. Side terminals on the junction box can also be made compact, contributing to cost reduction.
-Bent terminal MIDI fuse
-PAL fuses can be replaced. An element can be checked.
-The junction box size is made smaller.
Battery disconnection
-Reducing possibility of a fire breakout in case of a serious accident:
A main battery is forcefully cut down by a signal from the airbag or other devices to prevent arcking (irregular discharge) at the time of harness short circuit.
-It is possible to make a unitary molding of fuses with different electric current levels. High electric current fuses are placed outside the junction box.
-It is also possible to design a fuse that does not shut off important small electric current circuit.  
Gas discharge tube (GDT)
-Compact Xenon lamp circuit (energy saving transformer);
Increased efficiency by higher switching speed (10ns). Compact booster transformer by high switching frequency(400Hz).
-No deterioration by repeated pulses to bring about longer operating life.
-Two types are available: Surface mounting and axial lead.
Pudenz brand circuit protection products
-Bolt down fuse - BF1series
-Interchangeable with the Littelfuse MIDI fuse
-Rated voltage:32V,58V
-Visual checkup of the element is possible because of use of a transparent housing.
-Rated current:30-200A (200A with protector specifications)

-58V bolt-down fuse-BF2 series
-58V rated voltage product of the Littelfuse MEGA fuse.
-Visual checkup of the element is possible because of use of a transparent housing.
-Rated current:100-300A (300A with protector specifications)
-Delivered to BMW.