Kongsberg Automotive ASA

Company Profile




Dyrmyrgata 48, 3601 Kongsberg, Norway

Business Overview

-The Company is a Norwegian leading automotive parts supplier.

-The Company operates in four segments:

  • Interior
  • Driveline
  • Fluid Transfer
  • Driver Control

-The product portfolio includes seat comfort systems, gear- and clutch control systems, fluid assemblies, and driver interface products developed for global vehicle manufacturers.


-Listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. (As of Dec. 31, 2016)
Shareholders Ownership (%)
Morgan Stanley & Co. International 11.4
Morgan Stanley & Co. LLC 5.1
JP morgan Chase Bank, N.A., London 4.3
KLP Aksjenorge 3.9
VPF Nordea Kapital 3.5
The Northern Trust Comp, London BR 3.1
Folketrygdfondet 3.0
Citibank, N.A. 2.7
Kommunal Landspensjonskasse 2.7
VPF Nordea Avkastning 2.4
Total 42.1

-The 10 largest shareholders in the Company are shown.


Interior Systems
Head restraints and arm rests
Seat climate systems
Lumbar support systems
Interior trim products
Seating controls
Seat support systems

Driveline Systems

Gearshift systems
Shift towers
Shift by wires
Knobs and Interior components
Bulk hoses
Engineered hose assemblies
Cable systems

Fluid Transfer Systems
Pipe/hose assemblies for powertrains
Engineered hose assemblies
Air couplings
Bulk hoses

Driver Control Systems

Gear- and clutch control systems
Clutch actuation
Stabilizing rods
Gearshift systems for commercial vehicles
Steering columns
Cables and controls
Electronics and displays
Throttle and brake pedals
Hand controls
Chassis stabilizers

e-Power Products
On-board chargers for Hybrid vehicle
DC/AC Inverters
AC/DC Rectifiers
DC/DC Converters


1987 Established in Norway as a continuation of the former Kongsberg Vapenfabrikk's automotive parts industry.
1957 Production commenced under an agreement with Volvo to produce brakes for Volvo trucks. Since then, many components and systems have been added to its product range. In the mid-1970's, the Company opened two factories―one in Hvittingfoss and one in Rollag. Business grew and more products were added, so that the Company began developing its own products in the 1980's.
1997 Acquired EuroAutotech AB, a single source supplier of automatic gear shifters for Volvo.
1997 AT clutch activities were segregated to a separate public company―Kongsberg TechMatic.
1998 Sold its 14% stake in Kongsberg TechMatic to LuK, the German clutch and flywheel manufacturer, for NOK 9 million. LuK supplies the automatic clutch system used on the Mercedes-Benz A-class.
2000 Announced that it will construct a heating seat plant in Poland.
2000 In Livonia, a technology center was established during 2000. The center embraces the skills and capacity to service the gearshift market in the USA. The first contract was entered into early in 2001 and deliveries will start in 2003.
2001 Acquired Jung Ang in South Korea as of 2 April 2001. JA manufactures clutch servos for the Asian markets.
2003 Acquired Ctex, a leading producer of seat support systems.
2004 Acquired Raufoss United, an Europe's leading supplier of air brake couplings.
2005 Acquired the Intier factory located in Millan, Tennessee, a maker of head restraints and armrests.
2007 Acquired Teleflex Global Motion Systems, USA.
2014, April Acquired 100% ownership in ePower Nordic AB, a joint venture between the Company and QRTECH AB.

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