Ficosa International, S.A. / Headquarters

Company Profile



Gran Via Carlos III, 98 - 08028 Barcelona, Spain

Business Overview

-The Company is a manufacturing group headquartered in Spain involved in the research, development, production and marketing of vision, safety, connectivity and efficiency systems for passenger, commercial, and industrial vehicles. The Company primarily focuses on rear-vision systems such as interior mirrors and side mirrors.

-The Company is organized into eight different business units:

  • Rear View Systems
  • ADAS
  • Command & Control
  • Advanced Communication Systems
  • E-mobility
  • Underhood
  • Systems for doors and seats
  • Industrial vehicles


-In July 2017, Panasonic Corporation completed its acquisition of an additional 20% stake in the Company. Panasonic now owns 69% of the Company’s issued shares, making the Company its consolidated subsidiary retroactive to April 2017. The Pujol Family owns the remaining 31% as an industrial partner.


Rear-view systems
-Exterior rear-view mirrors
-Exterior rear-view mirrors with integrated light signals
-Integrated antennas in rear-view mirrors
-Interior rear-view mirrors
-Intelligent rearview monitoring systems (IRMS)
-Prismatic mirrors for interior rear-view mirrors
-Automatic dimming systems
-Power folding actuators for exterior rear-view mirrors
-Glass actuators
-Electronic mirror management system with memory and automatic return functionality
-Mirror demisters
-Temperature sensors
-Spherical glass
-Electro-chromatic glass
-Carbon fiber or chrome mirror housings
-Rear-view mirrors for trucks
-Rear-view mirrors for buses

Advanced communications systems
-Integrated antennas

  • Window integrated antennas
  • Sunroof integrated antennas
  • Composite roof integrated antennas
  • Windshield integrated antennas
  • Spoiler integrated antennas
  • Antennas integrated in telematic modules

-Navigation antennas
-Short range antennas
-Telematic control units
-V2X modules
-Cellular-V2X systems
-Smart connectivity modules with wireless and ethernet connections

ADAS systems
-Parking assist camera and vision systems
-Vehicle recognition systems
-Stereo obstacle detection systems
-Backover protection systems
-Crossing traffic systems
-Rear end collision warning systems
-Surround view systems
-In-car camera monitoring systems
-Embedded overlays for camera monitoring systems
-Megapixel camera for surround view and mirror replacement applications
-TotalVision blind spot detection system for commercial vehicles
-Somnoalert driver state monitoring system
-Adasens software for vision and image processing

E-mobility systems
-Battery pack systems
-e-BOX high-voltage battery monitoring and activation system
-Battery management systems
-On-board chargers

Command & control systems
-ATX automatic gearshift systems
-MTX manual gearshift systems
-Shift-by-wire systems
-Gearbox actuators
-Gearbox ECUs
-Shifting system trims
-Parking brake systems
-Parking brakes with automatic release
-Brake cables

Underhood systems
-Windshields and headlamp washer systems
-Wash pumps
-HotWasher - heated windshield washer circuit
-Sensor and camera cleaning systems combining water and air flow
-Extendable washer fluid tanks
-Telescopic nozzle systems
-Windshield washer reservoirs tanks
-Air induction systems
-Cabin air canalization tubes
-Deposit flowmeters

Door & seat systems
-Front seat driver user interface
-Lumbar systems
-Lumbar support systems / Suspension mats
-Backrest supports
-Seat modules
-Lumbar and lateral support
-Back suspensions
-Door latch mechanism with cables
-Roof opening systems with cables
-Hood opening systems with cables
-Seat cables and handles
-Fuel and trunk release cables


1949 Mr. Jose M. Pujol and Mr. Jose M. Tarrago found the Company Pujol y Tarrago specializing mainly in the manufacture of control cable spare parts.
1974 The Holding Company, Serco, S.A., was created, and two years later it changed its name to Ficosa, S.A.
1983 Factories were opened in El Burgo de Osma (Soria)
1987 The Holding Company Ficosa, S.A. changed its name to Ficosa International, S.A.
1988 Established Ficosa International GmbH (Germany), Ficosa International S.A. (France), Ficosa International, Ltd. (UK) and Ficosa International, S.R.L. (Italy)
1989 Acquisition in France of Maurice Lecoy, S.A.
1991 Established Fico Cipa, S.A.R.L. in France.
Fico Triad was founded for the research, development and production of gearshift systems for automobiles.
1992 Established Ficosa International, Lda. in Portugal.
1993 Created the first company in the American continent, Ficosa North America, S.A. de C.V., located in Mexico.
1996 Established Ficosa North America Corporation in the United States.
1997 Established Ficosa do Brasil and Ficosa Argentina.
Established Tata Ficosa Automotive Components in India.
1999 Purchased of the company in Germany, Metallwarenfabrik Wilke, a factory producing mirrors for buses and industrial vehicles.
2000 Signed a cooperation agreement with Japanese groups Uni Flex and Otsuka Koko.
May 2000 Reached a purchase agreement with the rear view mirror division of the Italian-based company Magneti Marelli, which belongs to the Fiat Group.
Nov. 2000 Acquired a 50% stake in the components manufacturer Fico-Cipa (France).
2002 Established a joint venture in China with Shanghai Benyuan.
The Company and Fractus established Advanced Automotive Antennas (A3), a joint venture.
2004 Established Ficosa International (Shanghai) Automotive Components Co., Ltd.
Opened its new Technological Center in Barcelona (Spain).
2005 Inaugurated its second production plant in India with Tata.
Acquired Advanced Automotive Antennas (A3) shares from Fractus.
2006 Established a technical center and a manufacturing facility in China
Sep. 2006 Inaugurated its new plant in Poland. At the Dabrowa Gornicza plant, the Company manufactures exterior and interior rear-view mirrors, gear shift levers, parking brake levers and tanks.
2007 Inaugurated its third production plant in India with Tata.
Feb. 2007 Strategic alliance with Zavod Avtocomponent of Russia
Apr. 2009 Established a joint venture company "ADASENS Automotive GmbH" with Omron.
2011 Acquired U.S. rear view mirror manufacturer, Camryn Industries LLC.
2013 Divested 50% stake in ADASENS Automotive GmbH, a supplier of image recognition technologies, to Denso Corporation.
Sep. 2014 Signed an investment agreement with Panasonic Corporation to enter into a capital and business alliance. Under the agreement, Panasonic Corporation will take a 49% stake in the Company.
Jun. 2015 Completed transaction in which Panasonic Corporation acquired a 49% stake in the Company.
Jul. 2017 Completed transaction in which Panasonic Corporation acquired additional 20% stake in the Company and consolidated it.
Mar. 2018 Announced that it has established itself in Africa for the first time, opening a new production centre in Rabat (in the Technopolis free zone), Morocco.
Oct. 2018 Announced the inauguration of its new e-mobility hub, a pioneering centre at a national and international level for electric mobility technology.
Jan. 2020 Ficosa North America announced it is closing its plant in Shelbyville, Kentucky and consolidating production at its plant in Cookeville, Tennessee.

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