Cooper-Standard Holdings Inc.

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40300 Traditions Drive, Northville, Michigan 48168, USA

Business Overview

-The Company is a leading manufacturer of automotive systems and components across three different product segments: sealing systems, fuel and brake delivery systems and fluid transfer systems. Sales to the light vehicle market account for about 92% of its total sales.

-The company completed the divestiture its anti-vibration systems business to Continental in 2019 and also sold its European Fluid Transfer, Specialty Seals business, and India business to Mutares in 2020.

-The Company is the world's largest producer of sealing systems, the world's second largest producer of fuel and brake delivery systems, and the world's third largest producer of fluid transfer systems by product (according to the Company, as of FY2021).


Sealing systems Fuel and brake delivery products Fluid transfer products
-Saar Gummi
-Standard Profil
-Toyoda Gosei
-TI Fluid Systems



-The Company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.


Sealing Systems (Weather strips)
-Fortrex static seal material which provides higher performance at lower weight

  • Glass run systems
  • Below waist extrusions
  • Inner belts
  • Outer belts

-Dynamic seals

  • On-door seals
  • On-body seals
  • Liftgate and deck lid seals
  • Hood seals
  • Margin seals
  • Rocker seals
  • Sunroof seals
  • Convertible top seals

-Static seals

  • Glass runs
  • Outer belts
  • Inner belts
  • Below belt channels
  • Appliques
  • Roof ditch moldings

-Encapsulated glass
-SafeSeal system with integrated proximity or tactile sensing
-Stainless steel trim
-Decorative foils
-Polycarbonate hardcoat trim
-FlushSeal systems that eliminate the gap between the glass and applique
-Variable extrusion seals and films
-Texa-Fib cost-efficient textile surface design
-2K outer waist belts to form complex contours for aesthetic value
-Agrifiber environmental seals

Fuel and brake delivery systems
-Fuel and vapor lines
-Metallic brake lines and bundles
-Combined fuel and brake line bundles
-Tank lines
-Fuel rails and fuel charging assemblies
-Direct injection and port fuel rails
-Quick Connect fuel system connectors
-Quick Connect fuel system connectors with integrated sensors
-Third-generation Posi-Lock double-lock quick connector
-MagAlloy material for brake lines with increased durability
-PA9T multi-layer tube with increased temperature resistance, low oligomers performance and low permeation

Fluid transfer systems
-Heater and coolant hoses
-ArmorHose abrasive resistant material
-Diesel particulate filter (DPF) lines
-Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) lines
-Transmission oil cooling hoses
-Degas tanks
-Air intake and charge hoses
-Turbocharger hoses
-Secondary air hoses
-Brake and clutch hoses
-Quick Connect fluid system connectors


1914 The Company was originally founded.
1930 The Company was incorporated in the State of Delaware as Master Tire & Rubber Corp. (present name adopted July 1946).
1986 Acquired an inner tube manufacturing company, Rio Grande Servaas, S.A. de C.V., in Piedras Negras, Mexico.
Mar. 1997 Acquired the tire operations of Avon Rubber p.l.c. of the United Kingdom
Jan. 1999 Purchased the business of Dean Tire &Rubber Company
Oct. 1999 Acquired The Standard Products Company. Cooper Tire & Rubber Company is divided into two groups - Cooper Tire and Cooper-Standard Automotive.
Jan. 2000 Acquired the automotive fluid handling division of Invensys plc, commonly known as Siebe Automotive.
Jun. 2000 Completed the sale of Holm Industries
Jul. 2001 Finalized the acquisition of the tread rubber operations from Hercules.
Jul. 2004 Entered into a joint-venture agreement with China-based Wuhu Saiyang Sealing Products Company Limited to manufacture and sell automotive body sealing products in China under the name "Cooper Saiyang Wuhu Automotive ".
Dec. 2004 The Cypress Group and Goldman Sachs Capital Partners formed an entity, Cooper-Standard Holdings Inc., and it acquired Cooper-Standard Automotive, the automotive segment of Cooper Tire& Rubber Company.
Jul. 2005 Purchased the automotive hose manufacturing business of The Gates Corporation located in Mexico.
2005 Purchased a 20% equity interest in Korea-based Guyoung Technology Co., Ltd., a supplier to Korean automotive OEM's, and entered into a Cooperation Agreement with Guyoung.
2006 Finalized two joint venture agreements with Jingda, one of the largest tube manufacturers in China.
Feb. 2006 Acquired fifteen fluid handling systems operations in North America, Europe and China from ITT Industries, Inc.
Mar. 2007 Completed the acquisition of the fuel rail manufacturing business from Automotive Components Holdings, LLC.
Aug. 2007 Acquired the MAPS business, including nine sealing systems operations in Germany, Italy, Poland, Belarus, and Belgium, and a joint venture interest in China. MAPS is a leader in Europe in the development and manufacture of complete automotive body sealing systems.
2007 Acquired a 47.5% equity interest in Shanghai SAIC-Metzeler Sealing Systems Co. Ltd., a joint venture with SAIC, which also owns a 47.5% equity interest, and Shanghai Qinpu Zhaotun Collective Asset Management Company, which owns the remaining 5% equity interest.
Dec. 2007 Completed the acquisition of a 74% joint venture interest in MAP India, a leading manufacturer of automotive sealing products in India.
Aug. 2009 Announced that the Company and certain of its US subsidiaries voluntarily filed petitions for relief under Chapter 11 of the US Bankruptcy Code.
May 2010 Emerged from Chapter 11
Mar. 2011 Acquired USi, Inc. from Ikuyo Co. Ltd.
Jan. 2012 Acquired the automotive sealing business of Sigit S.p.A., an Italy-based automotive components manufacturer.
Apr. 2012 Acquired EDC Automotive LLC, based in Michigan, the U.S.
Jul. 2013 Acquired the Jyco Sealing Technologies business which supplies automotive sealing systems and components to the automotive industry.
Jul. 2014 Cooper-Standard Automotive Inc., a subsidiary of the Company, sold its automotive thermal and emissions product line to Halla Visteon Climate Control Corp.
Sep. 2014 Agreed to purchase an additional 47.5 percent of Huayu-Cooper Standard Sealing Systems Co., Ltd., its joint venture with Huayu Automotive Systems Co.
4Q, 2014 Acquired the remaining 49% equity interests of Fonds de Modernisation des Equipementiers Automobiles (FMEA) interest in Cooper Standard France, a body sealing, anti-vibration systems and low pressure hoses joint venture.
4Q, 2014 Sold its Australian business to allow the Company to focus resources on its four core product groups.
4Q, 2014 Acquired Cikautxo Borja, S.L.U, a manufacturer of heating and cooling hoses.
Feb. 2015 Acquired Huayu Automotive System Co.’s share in Huayu-Cooper Standard Sealing Systems Co., Ltd. Upon closure of the transaction, the Company owns 95% of the business.
Aug. 2016 .Acquired the North American automotive fuel and brake business of AMI Industries and its related companies
Jan. 2018 Finalized acquisition of the China fuel and brake business of AMI Industries.
May 2018 Acquired 80.1% stake of LS Mtron Ltd’s automotive parts business, which includes brake hoses power steering hose, and charge air-cooler hose manufacturing capabilities.
Jul. 2018 Acquired Lauren Manufacturing and Lauren Plastics, a company which extrudes and molds products of various materials including organic materials, silicone, thermoplastics and engineered polymers.
Nov. 2018 Reached agreement to divest its anti-vibration systems business to Continental.
Dec. 2018 Announced that the Company will build a new world headquarters in Northville, Michigan.
Apr. 2019 Completed divestiture of anti-vibration systems business to Continental for a total sale price of approximately USD 265.5 million.
Jul. 2020 Completed divestiture of its European rubber fluid transfer and specialty sealing businesses, as well as its Indian operations, to Mutares SE & Co. KGaA.

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