DURA Automotive Systems LLC

Company Profile




1780 Pond Run, Auburn Hills, MI 48326, U.S.

Business Overview

-The company is a global automotive supplier that designs and manufactures mechatronic control systems, electric systems, lightweight structural body systems, actuators system, Advanced Driver Assistance system, exterior systems, and exterior trim system.


Body systems
-Lightweight EV battery trays
-Cross car beams
-Composite and hybrid rear shelf trays
-Tire tubes
-Lightweight motor carriers
-Door structures and headers
-Laser welded tubes
-Side impact beams
-Seat frame structures
-Hinge assemblies
Chassis systems
-Tire carriers
-Lightweight suspension arms
-Parking brake controls
-Parking brake cable systems
-Integrated parking brake and cable systems
-Hand and foot parking brake controls
-Lightweight parking brakes
-Electric parking brakes
-Clutch release parking brakes
-Push-to-release parking brakes
-Self-adjusting parking brake systems
Exterior systems
-Pillar cappings
-1K, 2K, and 3K injection molded cappings
-Steel and aluminum door cappings
-Tonneau finishers
-Panoramic glass roof cappings
-Steel and aluminum roof rails
-Door upper trim
-Side frame trim
-Waistline finishing trim
-Guide rails
-Side frame bright trim
-Decorative front grilles
-Integrated glass and tailgate modules
-Mass transit window systems

Powertrain systems
-Mono-stable and bi-stable shift-by-wire systems
-Rotary shift-by-wire controls
-Shift-by-wire actuators
-Return-to-park actuators
-MTX start-stop features
-Park lock actuators
-Manual park release cables
-ATX and MTX cable shift systems
-Guide controls and inertia modules
-Tubes and fuel rails
-Charge air coolers
-Valve spring retainers

Electrical systems
-ADAS controllers
-Sensor suites
-Shift-by-wire electronics
-Lighting technologies
-Mechatronic actuators
Interior systems
-Human machine interfaces
-Shifter controls
-Parking brake controls
-Pedal controls
-Control cables
-Seating structures

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