Leopold Kostal GmbH & Co. KG

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An der Bellmerei 10, 58513 Luedenscheid, Germany

Business Overview

-The Company is a family-owned entity based in Germany, which develops and produces electronic, electromechanical, and mechatronic products for automotive and industrial applications.

-The Company is organized into five business divisions:

  • Automotive Electrical Systems: Manufactures mechatronic and electrical systems for the automotive industry
  • Industrial Electronics: Focuses on drive, electronic and photovoltaic systems for markets outside the automotive industry
  • Connectors: Develops and manufactures plug connector systems primarily for the automotive industry
  • Solar Electric: Specializes in the development of inverters and storage for photovoltaic systems
  • SOMA Test Technology: Provides customers with testing and automation systems for mechatronic and electronic products

-Sales in the Company’s Automotive Electrical Systems division comprised approximately 86% of its total sales for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2022. It is the global market leader in the steering column modules, shift-by-wire modules, and door control units, with market shares of over 30% for each system.



-The Company is a private, family-owned entity.


Automotive Electrical Systems
-Steering column modules
-Roof modules
-Center console modules
-Rain/light sensors
-Shift-by-wire systems
-Body network control units
-Door control units
-Seat control units
-Tailgate control units
-Switch panels
-Smart surfaces
-Smart displays
-Driver assistance cameras
-Touch sensitive control modules
-Interior fragrance systems
-Power application control units / Battery charging units
-Onboard battery charge controllers
-Onboard chargers
-DC/DC converters
-Charging interface control units
-Smart battery chargers
-Combined battery charger and DC/DC converters

-Terminal systems
-Connector systems
-Terminal systems for circuit boards
-Push-on terminal strips
-Plug connector systems
-Contact systems
-Rugged plug connectors
-Battery module connectors
-Connectors for hybrid vehicle applications
-Connectors for current distribution in transmissions
-Connectors for fiber optical cables

Enector wallbox home EV charging system


1912 The Company founded the parent company, known informally as "LK". The firm's first products are sockets, plugs and switches for industrial and domestic use.
1927 Entered the automobile electrical business, with a direction indicator switch which the Company designed.
1953 The emphasis of the Company is placed firmly on the design, development and manufacture of products for the automobile industry.
1973 Kostal of Mexico is established.
1978 The electronics side of the business is developed.
1978 Established a facility in Brazil.
1981 Leopold Kostal KG is converted into a GmbH & Co. KG.
1981 Kostal of USA and Kostal of Ireland are established.
1987 The sensors side of the business is developed.
1987 Kostal of Spain is established.
1990 Kostal of UK is established.
1992 Kostal of Japan is established.
1993 Kostal of Czech Republic is established.
1995 The 4 business divisions are created: Automotive Electrical Systems; Industrial Electronics; Connectors; and Test Technology.
Acquired an Italian subsidiary of the Fornara group, Imos Italy.
KOSTAL of China is established.
1999 Kostal of France is established.
2001 Mallow plant is established in Ireland.
2003 Zdice plant is established in Czech Republic.
2004 Business divisions Industrial Electronics Systems and Connectors are transformed into legally independent companies.
2006 Kostal is established in South Korea.
2007 Kostal is established in Ukraine.
2008 Foundation of the Joint Venture with NTTF in India.
2012 Kostal celebrates its centenary: "100 years KOSTAL"
Sep. 2018 Kostal Kontakt Systeme, Inc., announced that it is investing for a new facility in Rochester Hills, Michigan.

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