Archives of Past Exhibits: Linamar Corporation

2015 JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition

Micro Hybrid Assist "E-Axle"

-Undergoing testing for Cadillac vehicles

Power Transfer Unit (PTU)

-Manufactured in Mexico. Used on Mazda vehicles produced in Japan.

Ring and Pinion Gears

Linamar Profile and Production Sites

-India plant began operations in May 2015.

Machined Components

-Gear products are supplied for DCTs produced by Getrag Ford Transmissions in Mexico.

Forging Products

-Forging products produced by Seissenschmidt (SEI) of Germany and Carolina Forge Company (CFC) of the U.S.A., the two companies it acquired in September 2014.

2014 JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition


Gear set for DCT

2013 IAA Frankfurt Motor Show

Hybrid power unit

Product lineup

2013 JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition

DCT Parts

-DCT parts for GETRAG . Installed in Ford vehicle

Differential Case

Single Axis Power Transfer Unit

Installed vehicle: Volkswagen 4WD vehicle (Front wheel drive based transverse engine type)


Cylinder Head

2012 JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition

Single Axis Power Transfer Unit (PTU)

GDI High Pressure Pump Body

Common Rail

Single Axis Hypoid Ring and Pinion

Dual Clutch Shafts and Gears

Frankfurt Motor Show 2011

Products of Linamar Power Transfer Unit

JSAE 2011

Balancer Shaft Assembly Cylinder Head Differential Case
6 Speed Automatic Transmission

Single Axis Hypoid

Ring and Pinion

  Image Image Image

Common Rail ABS Valve Body Ford Crosscar PTU

Electro Hydraulic

Active Transfer Case

Image Image Image Image

Corporate Profile Linamar's products by division

JSAE 2009

Hydroformed Camshaft Engine Balancer Unit
Camshaft Assembly    

Image Produced in Germany Image Produced in Mexico
  Installed in BMW models    
Fuel Rails    
Common Rail    

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
  Produced in Hungary, Canada and China
  Installed in the Toyota "Corolla", "Avensis" and "Auris"
OptiPower Cylinder Head    
Image 1
Image 2
Power Transfer Unit (PTU)    
Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Image 4
: Installed in the Jaguar "X-type"
  Produced in Mexico and UK