Alps Alpine Co., Ltd. (Formerly Alps Electric Co., Ltd.)

Company Profile



1-7, Yukigaya-otsukamachi, Ota-ku, Tokyo, 145-8501, Japan

Business Overview

-The Company is a manufacturer of electronic components. It supplies customized products and modules including control panels and steering modules tailored to each model. It also supplies general-purpose components.


Business Segments

-Operates in four business segments: electronic parts, onboard information devices, logistics, and other businesses. Automotive electronic parts accounted for 26.4% of total sales, while onboard information systems accounted for 29.2% of sales.

Business Segment Major Products
Consumer and other markets Onboard business Onboard components
Component devices
Consumer and other markets Components for consumers
Onboard Information Device Business Infotainment Displays Sound
Logistics Business
Other Businesses

-From the fiscal year than ends in March 2023, reorganized its business segments as follows:

Business Segment Main Products
Component Business Switches
Sensor & Communications Business Sensors
Communications devices
Module & Systems Business In-vehicle modules
Logistics Business (Planned to be merged into “Other Businesses” from the 2nd quarter)
Other Businesses


-The production and sale of automotive audio systems and information/communications systems such as automotive audio equipment and car navigation systems is conducted by Alpine, an affiliate under the Company. The production by Alpine is being conducted at Alpine Manufacturing in Japan, Alpine Electronics Manufacturing of Europe, Dalian Alpine Electronics Co., Ltd. in China, as well at other locations in Asia and North America.


-Moved to the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market from April 2022 (As of Mar. 31, 2022)
Name or Company Name Investment Ratio (%)
The Master Trust Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Trust Account) 23.08
Custody Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Trust Account) 10.06
Goldman Sachs Japan Co., Ltd. 2.05
J.P. Morgan Securities plc 1.86
Custody Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Securities Trust Account) 1.75
Taiju Life Insurance. Co., Ltd. 1.73
Nippon Life Insurance Company 1.32
Nippon Seiki Co., Ltd. 1.25
Total 45.86


-Resistive position sensors
-Aspherical glass lens
Hood latch
-Detector switches (contact type position sensors)
Side mirror
-Resistive position sensors (rotary type)
Window regulator
-Detector switch (contact type position sensor)
Side door latch, sliding door actuator, automatic door closer, door handle
-Detector switch (contact type position sensor)
Fuel filler/charging inlet
-Detector switch (contact type position sensor)
-Detector switch (contact type position sensor)
Remote keyless entry
-TACT Switch
Throttle valve
-Throttle position sensors

Navigation/audio systems, HVAC, V2X on-board unit
-Push switches
-TACT switch
-Rotary potentiometers touch input device
-Metal shaft potentiometers
-Ring type potentiometers
-Switch type multi control devices
-Resistive position sensors
-Magnetic sensors
-GNSS module supporting multiple systems
-Wireless LAN/Bluetooth combination modules
-V2X Communication Module
Electric Parking Brakes (EPBs)
-Detector switches
Overhead consoles
-Detector switches
-Push switches
-TACT switch
-TACT switch
-Resistive position sensors
-Magnetic sensors
-Detector switches
-Push switches
-TACT switch
-Magnetic sensors
Brake pedal
-Magnetic sensor
-Brake pedal sensor
Head-Up Displays; HUDs
-Aspherical glass lenses for visible light
Power windows
-Magnetic sensors
Power Seats
-Resistive position sensors
-Detector switches
Ignition key
-Detector switch (contact type position sensor))
Map lamp
-Push switches
Hazard lights
-Push switch


ALPINE Products
-Car navigation system
-Car audio
-Drive recorder
-Rear safety camera
-Digital mirrors


Nov. 1948 Established as Kataoka Electric Co., Ltd.
Apr. 1961 Placed on the over-the-counter market of Tokyo.
Oct. 1961 Listed on the 2nd section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (moved to the 1st section in August 1967)
Sep. 1964 Furukawa Plant established in Furukawa City, Miyagi Prefecture.
Dec. 1964 Company name changed to Alps Electric Co., Ltd.
Jun. 1966 Wakuya Plant established in Tohda-gun, Miyagi Prefecture.
Sep. 1967 Listed on the Osaka Stock Exchange and Nagoya Stock Exchange (Delisted in February 2004)
Jul. 1970 Its Central Laboratory was established at its Furukawa Plant (It has since been relocated to Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture in August 1991)
Sep. 1979 Alps Electric Europe GmbH established in Germany.
Nov. 1984 Established Alps Electric (UK) in England.
Feb. 1987 Alps Electric Korea established in Korea.
Mar. 1988 Alps Electric (Ireland) established in Ireland.
Dec. 1993 Dalian Alps Electronics established in China.
Apr. 1995 Alps Automotive Inc. established in the U.S.
Mar. 1998 All domestic divisions awarded ISO9001.
May, 1998 Precision Machine and Tool Center Kitahara Plant established in Furukawa City, Miyagi Prefecture.
Apr. 1999 Cryodevice Inc., a joint venture with Denso, established.
Dec. 1999 All domestic divisions awarded ISO14001.
Mar. 2007 Concluded basic agreement upon transfer of facilities and intellectual property rights of HDD head business to TDK Corporation.
Apr. 2010 Alps Electric (North America), Inc. absorbed Alps Automotive, Inc. and Alps Electric (USA), Inc.
Aug. 2011 Established Alps Electric (India) Private Limited.
Aug. 2013 Established Alps de Mexico S. de R.L. de C.V. as an sales location.
Aug. 2015 Established Alps Electric Vietnam Co., Ltd.
Jun. 2016 Changed company structure to one operating under an audit and supervisory committee
Oct. 2016 Absorbed operations of Alps Green Devices, Co., Ltd.
Jan. 2019 Conducted a stock transfer, which made Alpine Co., Ltd. a wholly owned subsidiary, and changed the company name to Alps Alpine Co., Ltd.
Apr. 2020 Acquired and merged all the business operations of Alpine Electronics Company.
Mar. 2022 Alpine Electronics of America, Inc. was merged into Alps Alpine North America, Inc.

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