Archives of Past Exhibits: Alps Electric

Ceatec Japan 2015

Sensors for automotive use

Sensors for automotive use

Overcurrent sensor

Overcurrent sensor

Spring contact (micro clip)

V2X/GNSS module

LTE data communication module

Bluetooth/Wireless LAN module

Modules for connected car

Ceatec Japan 2014

Original vehicle cockpit concept

-Original vehicle cockpit equipped with a variety of modules combining core Alps technologies, such as a large-screen head-up display (HUD), gaze detection, and driver monitoring. ・18-inch full-color head-up display (HUD) ・Steering grip ・Vital sign sensing ・Gaze detection system ・Simple gesture input, etc.

Overcurrent sensor

-Detect overcurrent on power devices such as SiC and GaN.

TACT Switch for automotive use

Captacitive touch panels for automotive use

Multi GNSS module for automotive use

-Providing support for multiple satellite positioning system. Capable of receiving new satellite just by updating firmware.

Bluetooth/Wireless LAN all in one module for automotive use

V2X communication module for automotive use

LTE data communication module for automotive use