Fuel Cell Commercial Vehicle Technologies in Japan and China

Patent application trends for Toyota, Honda, FAW, and GROVE



  This report created by MarkLines focuses on a number of recent technical topics surrounding the automotive industry and is based on patent information from the “Technology Information Distribution Service - swimy” obtained by the Toyota Technical Development Corporation (TTDC). The two business areas of TTDC are intellectual property and measurement control solutions. The intellectual property (IP) side of TTDC is involved in the collection and analysis of information on automotive technology developments globally, and provides services such as consulting for research planning, applying for patents in foreign languages, and technical translation.

  In recent years, factors such as the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions as a countermeasure to global warming are strengthening the demand for alternatives to fossil fuel vehicles worldwide. Among the above alternative demands, fuel cell commercial vehicles are attracting attention because of their superiority in terms of refueling time, range, and zero greenhouse gas emissions while driving.

  In Japan, demonstration testing by Japanese OEMs and partner companies, led by Toyota and Honda, have been announced one after another, and development is active toward practical application. An analysis of Japanese patent applications shows that the focus of development is on "fuel cell systems and multiple stack controls.” In China, a number of fuel cell commercial vehicles have been announced by OEMs such as Grove and FAW, and mass production and commercialization are progressing rapidly. An analysis of Chinese patent applications shows that the focus is on "manufacturing methods and hydrogen tanks."

  In this report, trends in technology and development items that Japanese and Chinese companies are working on for fuel cell commercial vehicles will be presented.


Technical Information Distribution Service - swimy  URL: https://thinktank.toyota-td.jp/pub/list
This source (TTDC) has extensive content related to automobiles.  Graphs can be created for contents of interest with a single click. The database also supports the detailed display and download of intellectual property related information.


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