SAE China 2023 (4): NEV Drive Systems

Geely, FAW Group, Changan Automobile, Dongfeng Motor



Main Forum: Efficient Vehicle Technologies for the Era of Electric Mobility
Main forum venue: "Efficient Vehicle Technologies for the Era of Electric Mobility”

  The 30th China Society of Automotive Engineers Conference and Exhibition (SAECCE 2023) was held in Beijing, October 25 ~ 27, 2023. The conference was held under the six major themes of "energy-saving powertrains, New Energy, chassis systems, intelligent-connected, vehicle integration and performance, and common technologies." More than 60 forums were held, including one general meeting, two main forums, three Engineering Academy member forums, 19 technology review sessions, and 42 thematic breakout sessions.

  This report is based on the presentations from the main forum session "Efficient Vehicle Technologies for the Era of Electric Mobility” and the thematic breakout session "High Efficiency Combustion and Hybrid Engine for Dual Carbon Target and Artificial Intelligence", which are related to drive systems for New Energy Vehicles (NEVs). Guest speakers from Geely, the FAW Group, Changan Automobile, and Dongfeng Motor took the stage as presenters.

  Geely introduced the current status and development trends of hybrid vehicles (including HEVs and PHEVs) and stated that hybrids are an important pillar in the development of NEVs. The FAW Group introduced its research and implementation of the Hongqi hybrid dedicated engine, and said that it will launch a whole series of hybrid engine products based on the hybrid platform HMP (HQ Modular Power) in the future. Changan Automobile analyzed the development trend of NEVs, and stated that xEVs (PHEVs/range extenders) have much potential room for development, and introduced its next-generation hybrid engines and electric drive systems. Dongfeng Motor introduced the development process of continuous upgrading of Mach products, and newly introduced the "4-speed series parallel + power split” Dh-i system for the third-generation Mach-MHD (Mach-Multi Hybrid Drive) hybrid system.


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