IAA Mobility 2023: European OEMs (1)

BMW, MINI, Renault, Mercedes-Benz, Opel, Rimac



IAA Mobility 2023 venue
IAA Mobility 2023 venue

  The IAA (Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung) has a long-standing history extending over 125 years in gathering together manufacturers, suppliers and contributors connected to the automotive industry worldwide. As with IAA Mobility 2021, this year's IAA took place in Munich, Bavaria, after 70 years in Frankfurt.

  For the IAA Mobility 2023, the focus extended beyond innovations solely within the automotive sector, embracing mobility as a whole. The event showcased a diverse array of active players in the mobility industry, including autonomous people movers, motorbikes, bicycles, and technologies that contribute to the advancement of the transportation industry.

  Following the decentralized concept presented in the last edition of the IAA Mobility in 2021, this year's event was also held both at the exhibition grounds as well as in the central area of Munich. The “Summit” was the venue where suppliers, service providers and start-ups and some automotive manufacturers exhibited their latest products, technologies and concepts. Notably, many carmakers opted to present innovations and concepts at the “Open Space” areas, distributed throughout central Munich, granting the general public free access. In total, 750 exhibitors took part in the IAA Mobility 2023. One characteristic of this year's IAA is the presence of a notable number of Chinese exhibitors among suppliers, start-ups and OEMs. Asian companies accounted for 41% of the total of exhibitors; nonetheless, Japanese companies were rather underrepresented, with only 4 of them (including MarkLines) being present at the IAA this year.

  This year's edition took place between September 5th and 10th, drawing over 500,000 attendees. Notably, on September 9th, a total of 100,000 visitors marked their presence at the Open Space. These figures indicate an increase of 25% in the number of attendees when compared to the IAA Mobility 2021, which saw a total of 400,000 visitors.

  In comparison to the Open Space, the attendance at the “Summit” venue was significantly lower. This is due to the high admission fee to enter the premises, making it less attractive to the general public and more focused on technical and specialized personnel.

  This report focuses on European OEMs that were keen on showcasing their models and technologies to the attendees of IAA Mobility 2023. Several of these companies have seized the opportunity at the IAA to unveil and debut vehicles that will soon be accessible in the market.


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