Carbon Neutral Initiatives at German Automakers' Plants

Conversion to renewable energy, optimization of painting processes, resource recycling, etc.



German automaker site map
German automaker site map
(Source: MarkLines - Map of automobile and parts manufacturer locations)

  German OEMs are accelerating their shift to EVs and reducing CO2 emissions throughout their life cycle assessment (LCA) to achieve the EU's goal of carbon neutrality by 2050.

  As a precedent example of measures toward carbon neutrality in the automotive industry, this report presents recent developments in CO2 emission reductions at the domestic plants of German OEMs, based on MarkLines' database of automotive plants.

  Each OEM is engaged in LCA evaluation of EVs and batteries, renewal of main plants, and implementing various CO2 emission reduction measures, including conversion to renewable energy such as the introduction of solar power generation, optimization of energy-intensive painting processes, and the recycling of aluminum and plastics.

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