IAA Mobility 2023: HMI in European and Chinese Cars

Displays, steering wheel switches, shifters, and monitoring systems



  European motor shows have alternated between France and Germany for many years, with the German venue changing from Frankfurt to Munich in 2021. The IAA Mobility 2023, the international mobility trade fair, was held in Munich again this year from September 5 to 10. The theme of this year's event was "Experience Connected Mobility.” From the perspective of increasing contact with the public, the event was held not only at the exhibition center, which was closed to the general public due to the high entrance fee, but it was also held at the Open Space venue, where roads in the downtown area of the city were closed off for the event. The Open Space area was mainly used for vehicle exhibits, and since it was free of charge, the general public could participate in a festival-like atmosphere while taking a stroll, giving them a sense of a new-age motor show.

Exhibition center Open Space venue
Exhibition center (Messe München) Open Space venue

  As has already been reported, a large number of Chinese companies participated in the event, but the major automakers participating this time, other than Chinese and German manufacturers, were Renault, Ford, and Tesla. Many emerging automakers also participated and displayed a large number of EVs, making this an important show for considering the future of automobiles. This report describes the HMI features of these vehicles and introduces HMI-related topics.


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