TECHNO-FRONTIER 2023: EV and Motor Components

EV motor cores, magnets, flat wires, deep-drawn motor cases, plastic gears, and more



  TECHNO-FRONTIER 2023 Advanced Electronic & Mechanical Devices and Components Exhibition (Dates: July 26-28, 2023; Venue: Tokyo Big Sight convention and exhibition center) was organized by the Japan Management Association. The exhibition is dedicated to electronics and mechatronics, and began more than 40 years ago as the Small Motor Technology Expo. With motor technology as its core, the expo consists of 18 concurrent exhibitions, covering technologies including electric power, drive, transmission, control, measurement, elemental software technology, production technology, and EMC/thermal technology. More than half of the visitors were engineers and the exhibits are highly specialized. This report focuses on exhibits of automotive components.

TECHNO-FRONTIER 2023 View of the venue
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight
View of the venue


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