Arun Plus: The First of Thailand, EV Automotive Industry

Partnership with Foxconn - EV production is a jigsaw puzzle



Horizon Plus holds groundbreaking ceremony
Horizon Plus EV manufacturing facility at the Rojana Nongyai Industrial Park (Source: Arun Plus)

  Arun Plus Company Limited (Arun Plus) of Thailand is a subsidiary of PTT Public Company Limited (PTT), which owns 100% of the shares of Arun Plus. PTT is Thailand's leading energy conglomerate, operating oil and natural gas, power, and infrastructure businesses. To diversify into new green business ventures, PTT started the new company, Arun Plus, which acts as an “EV Flagship” for the PTT Group and helps with the green transformation.

  Mr. Ekachai Yimsakul, Managing Director of Arun Plus, stated the green investments in the EV (electric vehicle) sector will help PTT shift into green technologies. Investments towards EV charging stations and EV batteries shall energize the upstream and downstream automotive sectors in Thailand.

  Arun Plus is planning to accelerate EV investments to expand EV facilities in Thailand. Mr. Ekachai stated that by the end of 2024, people should be able to drive electric cars made by Horizon Plus, Arun Plus and Foxconn jointedly - invested EV manufacturer.

  In the future, Arun Plus rapidly plans to enter the EV upstream and downstream business to support the EV mobility value chain, within the ASEAN region. The goal is to make Thailand an EV hub, and attract investments within the ASEAN region. PTT and Arun Plus are currently looking for potential global partners for developing the EV supply chain markets in Thailand and ASEAN region. In some of the upstream markets, PTT Group is considering to accelerate investment including battery production, smart electronics, and electrical components, required to support EV production in Thailand.

  This report is based on an interview with Mr. Ekachai Yimsakul of Arun Plus.


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