Suzuki: Expanding Capacity in India to 2.6 M units, Production of BEVs from 2025

Focus on advanced technologies including carbon neutral fuels



New SUV Grand Vitara
EV concept model “eVX”
World premiere at Auto Expo India, January 2023

  Suzuki Motor Corporation (Suzuki) has announced a series of aggressive plans in its mainstay Indian business. Suzuki's annual production capacity of finished vehicles in India is 2.25 million units as of December 2022, but the company plans to increase its annual production capacity to 2.6 million units by 2025, including a new plant to be built in Kharkhoda, Haryana. The Indian market is on a recovery trend, and Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.’s (Maruti Suzuki's) business performance for the April-September 2022 period shows both increased sales and profits. Sales have reached a record high.

  In response to the growing market size of the SUV segment in India, Suzuki launched the all-new Brezza in June 2022 and the all-new Grand Vitara, which will be manufactured by Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Limited (Toyota Kirloskar), in September of the same year. At Auto Expo India in January 2023, Suzuki launched the new all-Jimny 5-Door and the all-new Fronx SUV. These models will be launched in the market in FY2023.

  Under its electrification strategy, the Gujarat plant will produce BEVs (battery electric vehicles) from 2025, and batteries for BEVs from 2026. In January 2023, the EV concept model "eVX" made its world premiere at Auto Expo in India. In Japan, Suzuki, with Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. (Daihatsu), Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota), and Commercial Japan Partnership Technologies (CJPT), will jointly introduce a BEV commercial mini-van in FY2023.

  In August 2022, Suzuki established Suzuki R&D Center India Private Limited (SRDI), a wholly owned subsidiary of Suzuki, in Delhi, India. The company will strengthen its competitiveness and R&D capabilities not only in the Indian market but also on a global scale by efficiently linking its development divisions in Japan and India. Suzuki is proceeding to strengthen its advanced technology development system for future growth, including research and development of carbon-neutral fuels, investment in SkyDrive, which is developing a "flying car", and consideration of collaboration with PowerX, Inc., which develops and provides storage batteries and ultra-fast EV chargers.

  This report focuses on Suzuki's new model launches, newly announced plans, business performance and forecasts released in the past year.


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