Mazda: Launching 4 Large SUVs in 2022 and 2023

Production of the CX-50 begins in U.S.; "Driver Emergency Assist" installed for the first time



  This report focuses on Mazda's recent new model launches and future plans.

CX-60 launched in the Japanese market in September 2022 (Source: Mazda)

  From January 2022, Mazda began production of the Mazda CX-50, which was developed for the U.S. market, at its new plant in Alabama, USA, which is a joint venture with Toyota, and it was released to market in April. Next, rear-wheel drive crossover SUVs in the Large Products group will be launched in 2022-2023. The CX-60 was launched in the European market in the summer of 2022 and in the Japanese market in September.

  Mazda will introduce internal combustion engine vehicles and a variety of electrified vehicles on its existing Small and Large platforms, which it calls the SKYACTIV Multi-Solution Scalable Architecture. Furthermore, the company plans to introduce a dedicated EV platform in 2025.

  Mazda has made its Driver Emergency Assist and Driver Monitoring systems available on the CX-60 (Japan specification model) launched in September. In the event of a driver abnormality, the system is prepared to automatically decelerate and stop the vehicle and initiate an emergency call for help.

  Although Mazda's global production and sales volume in FY2021 were lower than the previous year's actuals, net sales increased by 8.3% (JPY 3.1203 trillion) and operating income increased approximately 12-fold to JPY 104.2 billion from JPY 8.8 billion in FY2020. The company noted that this was a year in which the results of the structural reforms it had been working on over the past three years began to emerge.

  For the April-September period of 2022, global sales volume decreased by 22.1% (514,000 units), but net sales increased by 9.8% (JPY 1.6425 trillion) and operating income increased by 39.0% (JPY 55.2 billion) due to improved unit sales prices and foreign exchange effects, etc. The company upwardly revised its full-year forecasts for FY2022 from those announced in May, increasing net sales by JPY 100 billion (JPY 3.9 trillion) and operating income by JPY 20 billion (JPY 140 billion).

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