Automotive World 2022: All-Japan Approach to Model-Based Development

Achievements in Mazda SKYACTIV engine development



Mazda's next-generation gasoline engine, SKYACTIV-X
(Source: Mazda)

  This report is on the keynote speech “An Approach to Model-based Developments Through All-Japan Efforts” given at Automotive World 2022 by Mr. Mitsuo HITOMI, Senior Innovation Fellow of Mazda Motor Corporation, describing the process and efforts of establishing the Japan Automotive Model-Based Engineering Center, which is attracting attention in the automotive industry, as well as the background, efficacy, expectations, and vision of the center.

  MBD (Model-Based Development) is a method of high-speed development, prototyping, and verification that is rapidly gaining attention as a way to replace the traditional test-centric development process of repeated prototyping and evaluation by combining actual engines and parts with digital models. Especially in the development of automobiles, MBD involves a complex combination of physical phenomena, which makes it more difficult to execute but is more effective.

  In his presentation, Mr. Hitomi introduced the actual application of MBD in the development of the internal combustion engine for SKYACTIV, and talked about Mazda's efforts to improve its international competitiveness by supporting small and medium-sized parts manufacturers through MBD and through cooperation among participating companies.

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