Battery Manufacturing, Supply Chains, and Chemistry Evolution

Summary of selected presentations at the Battery Show Europe 2021



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  The Battery Show Europe 2021, co-located with the Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo event, was held at the Messe Stuttgart (Germany) venue from November, 30th to December, 2nd, 2021.

  This three-day event was organized by Informa Markets, a trading division of Informa PLC. The Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo is Europe's largest trade fair for advanced battery and electric/hybrid vehicle technology with more than 480 participating exhibitors.

  In addition to exploring latest developments in the field of battery manufacturing solutions and innovations related to battery systems, materials and components at the free trade fair, visitors were provided the opportunity to attend a paid three-day conference, starting with a keynote session by a speaker from a major European OEM.

  Conference delegates were offered a total of 91 sessions, which were partly held in parallel.

  This report looks at some selected presentations given at this conference, covering topics such as:

  • EV battery circular economy
  • Achievement of CO2 neutrality
  • Reuse and recycling of EV batteries
  • Building a pan-European battery supply chain
  • Ensuring sustainability in the materials value chain
  • Trends and development of solid-state batteries

  Furthermore, you will find a short summary of some vivid panel discussions concerning battery chemistry and the battery and EV market in general, and an interesting interview with Northvolt's CEO on the companies' initiatives towards both factory sustainability and global business sustainability.

  The total event report is divided into two parts. 

  This is the second part, which highlights topics like battery manufacturing, supply chains and chemistry evolution.
  The first part covers the current battery and EV market status, long-term availability of nickel and circular economy.


  Please take a look at our global exhibition report to access more information on the products exhibited at the show.

  The next event will be held in Stuttgart again from June, 28th to 30th, 2022.

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