CES 2020: Next-generation mobility initiatives by Japanese manufacturers

Exhibits by Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Sony, Panasonic and Aisin



  At CES 2020 (dates: January 7 through 10, 2020; venue: Las Vegas Convention and World Trade Center), companies in various fields from around the world presented their visions of next-generation mobility. Japanese OEMs, suppliers and electronics manufacturers were actively promoting their technologies and services. This report summarizes the high profile displays of Japanese companies, and is based on company press releases and photographs taken at the event.

VISION-S Augmented Driving Concept
Sony autonomous EV prototype “Vision-S” Honda’s “Augmented Driving Concept”

Woven City Nissan Ariya Concept
Toyota announcement of “Woven City” connected city project. Nissan introduced its “Nissan Ariya Concept” technology.

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