Next-generation batteries options: storage battery technologies for automotive applications

From technical presentations and exhibits at Battery Japan 2019



 The 10th International Rechargeable Battery Expo (BATTERY JAPAN), as part of the Smart Energy Week 2019 organized by Reed Exhibition Japan, was held from February 27 ~ March 1, 2019 at the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition center, which showcased a multitude of storage battery technologies for consumer, industrial and energy infrastructure applications.


Major exhibitors at the BATTERY JAPAN 2019
(all photo images were taken by the author)

 Rechargeable battery options for automotive applications in Japan are still few in comparison to those for mobile phone and PC applications, and batteries for HEV/EV applications are exclusively sourced from suppliers by automakers. This year’s exhibition did not strongly target batteries for automotive applications. Regardless, a number of the battery technologies exhibited have long been considered for automotive applications. This report addresses the current state of storage battery technologies exhibited.    


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